Kraaivuur International was founded by Ex-Rhodesian SAS officer Johannes Wester after the fall of Rhodesia. They are based in Cape Town and have tendrils all across the globe. Kraaivuur International initially trained and later fought on behalf of the South African government against SWAPO after SWAPO launched guerilla raids from neighbouring countries against South Africa's occupation of South-West Africa (now Namibia). This contract was awarded to the company after KVI had assisted SADF Forces when SWAPO launched an attack on Oshikango. Dubbed by the South African media as an attempt to assassinate the rebel leader Johannes Nankudhu, KV found itself under constant SWAPO attacks where it lost three of its men. This action saw KV as being recognised by the South African Government and a contract to train its forces was duly awarded.

In June 1998, the company contained an insurrection of guerrillas known as the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in Angola, regained control of the diamond fields, and forced a negotiated peace. In both these instances they are credited with rescuing both governments against RUF and UNITA. In the case of Angola this led to a cease fire and the Lusaka Protocol, which ended the Angolan civil war — albeit only for a few years. In Sierra Leone, however, the government capitulated to international pressure to have Kraaivuur withdraw in favour of an ineffective peacekeeping force, allowing the RUF to rebuild and sack the capital in "Operation No Living Thing".

As is characteristic of one of the first Private Military Companies (PMCs), Kraaivuur International was directly involved militarily in Angola, Sierra Leone and Namibia. The company was notable in its ability to provide all aspects of a highly trained modern army to the less professional government forces of Sierra Leone and Angola, as well as training for the Apartheid South African Army. For instance, in Sierra Leone, Kraaivuur fielded not only professional fighting men, but armor and support aircraft such as one Mi-24 Hind and two UH-1 Huey helicopters, the Ferret Scout Car and T-55 main battle tank. It also possessed medevac capabilities to airlift the wounded out of combat zones. These were bought from sources in the worldwide arms trade within Africa as well as Eastern Europe and America.

Kraaivuur is a former member of the Global Corporate Military Union, before it's shutdown following the South African Crisis in 2016

Notable Individuals

  • Johannes Wester
    • CEO of Kraaivuur International
  • Nicolaas Caaren
    • [DECEASED]
    • Former Head of the American Branch
  • Major DeVoork
    • Commander of the Baltian Detachment
  • Roger Moore
    • C.O of KVI-BS-1


  • The Kraaivuur contractors are the basic infantry of the Company, they are mostly made up of members from former Apartheid era South African soldiers, a few Post-Apartheid SANDF soldiers, British Army soldiers inherited from Lakehead and recruited after Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The Kraaivuur Air Patrol is a Unit inside Kraaivuur International, focusing on Air Combat
  • The Kraaivuur scouts are the special forces units of Kraaivuur, many being recruited srom the SADF/SANDF Reeces, British/Australian SAS and a few members of the American SOCOM. Operate in "Fireforces" based off the Rhodesian model of 4 men
  • The Kraaivuur Sea Patrol, currently only equipped with a re-equipped cargo ship (KSP Redeker) and several small patrol boats and a V22 Osprey


The equipment used by Kraaivuur are based on South African and British models like the FN FAL battle rifle, L85 assault rifles and some (rarely seen) variations of the venerable AR15. Kraaivuur also has armour assigned to the forces; amung them, Buffel Troop Carriers, Ratel IFVs, and the Iveco LMV for VIP transport.

20160509214159 1

Kraaivuur Scouts on the Polish Border


  • South Africa
    • Kraaisenes-Oil Rig-Cape Town Bay
    • Kraaisestok-Military Base-Zimbabwean Border
    • KVI-BS-1-Unknown-Unknown
  • Syria
    • FOB Woestyn-Oil Field-Al Suweyda - Manned by a Skeleton Crew
  • Baltia
    • FOB Witroofvoel(White Eagle)-Polish/Baltian Border -Evacuated
  • United States of America
    • Northeastern US Field Office-New York -Sold After the 2017 Central Pact Crisis


  • 1979
    • Fall of Rhodesia.
    • Johannes Wester moves to Cape Town.
  • 1983
    • October
      • Kraaivuur Security founded.
  • 1983-1990
    • Kraaivuur Security is hired by rich white Apartheids living in Cape Town to Police their suburbs.
  • 1990-1993
    • 11 February 1990
      • Nelson Mandela Released from prison.
    • Apartheid was dismantled in a series of negotiations.
  • 1994
    • 26–27 April
      • At midnight the old apartheid flag was lowered.
      • After the election held on 27 April 1994, Nelson Mandela is sworn in.
    • 65% of White Neighborhoods in Johannesburg, 87% in Cape Town are policed by Kraaivuur Security amongst fears of Whites being evicted from homes.
    • The SADF superseded by the South African National Defence Force.
    • Rise of Applications to join Kraaivuur Security.
  • 1995
    • Sidneyvale Massacre, 12 Kraaivuur Contractors open fire on 125 Black protesers in the Sidneyvale Suburb of Cape Town, killing 24 and injuring many others; investigation mysteriously dropped.
  • 1996
    • Johannes Wester starts buying up villages around Cape Town.
  • 2000
    • Kraaivuur Amalgamates small British PMC Lakehead, now calls itself Kraaivuur International. Gets a influx of British trained operators.
  • 2000-2011
    • 7 October 2001
      • Afganistan War Declared
    • 20 March 2003
      • Iraq War declared
    • 13 August 2003
      • Kraaivuur International enters Iraq
    • 6 February 2004
      • Kraaivuur International enters Afganistan
  • 2012-2014
    • April 2012
      • War in France
    • 2012-2014
      • War in Ukraine
    • 2013-2014
      • War in Saudi Arabia
  • 2015
    • 6 April
    • 13 April
      • Washington Massacre
    • 15 August
      • Dirty Bomb Explodes in Hannover
  • 2016
    • 16 April: Operation Bevryding-Syria (Ongoing)
      • Kraaivuur International lands in Al Suweyda, Syria to protect oilfields and fight the AWA with the WLA.
    • 18 April: Operation Koevoet (Crowbar)-United Kingdom/Cape Town
      • Kraaivuur International deploys special forces to SABRE offices in London, All Operatives MIA
    • 10 May: Operation Orkaan (Hurricane)-Baltia/Ukraine (Ongoing)
      • Kraaivuur Scouts attack a Baltian Communications Station near the Polish Border, Kraaivuur starts moving troops into Baltia under the cover of darkness
    • 17 May
      • Kraaivuur Air Patrol formed, MIG 31s sent to Baltia and Syria
    • 22 May
      • Kraaivuur Opens field office in New York
    • 25 May: Operation Jagter (Hunter)-New York
    • 27 May
      • Kraaivuur Scout fireforce "Jagter-1" apprehends suspect in Chinatown, New York
    • 3 June
      • KSP Redeker Launched
    • 2nd August
      • Operation Opleiding-South Africa
        • Kraaivuur's largest Training Exercise
  • 2017
    • 24th April
      • Kraaivuur Suffers a Coup by disgruntled employees, creates a new Board of Directors
    • 2nd June
      • Kraaivuur forces enter Ukraine to combat AEU Troops there.


Relations with other Factions

Eastern Legion Neutral

Grand Duchy of Baltia: Neutral/Cold

International Strategic Alliance : Friendly

Trinity Corporation: Friendly

Tacticus Solutions: Friendly

Gecko Heavy Industries: Friendly

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