Basic Information

The Kozlovian Republic is a Republican nation located in Northern Europe with neighbouring countries such as, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Tbonia. The official language is Russian however many in the West of Kozlovia speak Finish due to the old Nordic culture there.



The Russian Empire had long controlled Finland for over a millennial by the year of 1915. With Lenin's introduction of socialism, a large communist rebellion movement was formed under the command of Nikodim Kozloven, a wealthy land owner. The Kozloven Rebellion managed to secure Northern Finland for themselves but came to a mutual agreement with the south to let them keep some land. Nikodim died a few months later after being shot in the heart by Russian soldiers but his son, Antov, quickly took control of the army and officially established the Communist State of Kozlovia.

Kozlovia continued to fight against the Russian empire and conquered the entirety of what would be Murmansk Oblast until the end of the war in 1922. Due to the major support Kozlovia gave to the USSR during the Civil War, they remained long lasting allies and were supplied equipment from them.

Kozlovia joined the Allied Forces in 1941 and was declared war upon by Finland and Nazi Germany immediately after. Kozlovia went on the defensive and heavily fortified its South, North and Western borders with a quickly constructed giant stone wall structure, this would later be known as the Chudo Lin (Miracle Line). Throughout the years of 1941-1945 the Kozlovians held the line with little support from any other nation, it was a major challenge for nation but in the end was successful and is now a big part of Kozlovian History.

During the Cold War Kozlovia becomes a member of the Cominform and later a part of the Warsaw Pact, receiving continued support from the USSR. It's not until 1991 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union when any major changes happen in Kozlovia. By Late 1991 Kozlovia abolishes it's Communist system and transforms into the Republic of Kozlovia. Although it is no longer Communist, many aspects of the old regime still remain such as homosexuality being illegal and force labour camp sentences as a form of punishment. It fairly well believed that the country uses election rigging to keep people who won't change the communistic style of the nation to something more western, however it is done in such a fashion that it's almost impossible to prove.


Full list of equipment and gear here

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