Jasper Bonnet is a former British Royal Marine Captain, who now works in the employ of SABRE International Security & Investment Group. Approached by Sir George Haines, Founder of SABRE; following his departure from the BAF after the loss of his Right arm due to a IED that failed to be seen, the somewhat authoritarian Supervisor Bonnet now oversees operations on Cyprus, thanks to his long term as a soldier on Cyprus and time in served in the high of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, before the outbreak of the Gulf War of 1991.


Having served with the British Armed Forces in some of the most heated conflicts that the British Army took any role in, the somewhat aggressive and unsympathetic Bonnet could be accused of callousness towards contractors, but it's more down to his weary mentality regarding his career path. Whilst the sound of gunfire may settle his nerves, the sight of gunfire still gives pause in this overseers service in SABRE. As of April 20th, Jasper Bonnet is the overseer for operations against Kraaivuur International, who's been quoted as saying "This shit's gone on long enough, gotta shove our size 9s up their arses, and bugger off when all's said and done."

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