"We are the J12.That is all."</p>

The J12 is a Revolutionary splinter group believed to be well organised in gathering information and advanced technology.
Their true goals are surrounded in mystery and are considered terrorist by the mass public.
But few believe them to be fighting against corrupt individuals who misguide society in the shadows...



J12 leader JIDE

Sources show that JIDE is believed to be the Leader of the so called J12 Revolutionaries.

Reports say that JIDE was a millionaire who invested in the arms industry developing military material, equipment and facilities under the name “JIDE Corp”. At some point during his career an assassination attempt was made on his life when travelling by land convoy between countries for a meeting. When UN soldiers arrived on the scene, all that remained were burned bodies and destroyed vehicles from the battle. JIDE was presumed dead, and all his funds mysteriously disappeared before the next company replacement shortly took over.

Years past and “JIDE Corp” was shortly disbanded afterward due to the lack of leadership. News soon followed that JIDE was seen alive in Germany looking to acquire resources and technology. Then in London several politicians and bankers were assassinated, in each crime scene there was a black card with the words “J12” written on them.

R. Forces


The R.Forces troops

Standard ground troops for the J12,these soldiers make the bulk of the revolutionaries’ army.
Equipment varies from standard weapons to more heavy weapons like rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.
Loyal to the cause the R forces are ready to defend the views and ideas of the J12.

J. Elite Commandos


A J.Elite Commando giving orders.

Trained heavily to adapt to any situation the J Elite Commandos are the ones who follow orders but also commands his squad efficiently throughout the battle field. Trained in hand to hand combat and military tactics they are effective with a range of weapons and devices. More armoured than the “R forces” they can effectively take more damage and dish out a punch with a force of a jackhammer, due to the suits generator backpack.

J. Night Assassins


A J.Night Assassin ready to be deployed.

The J Night Assassins are professional hit men with a cause.
Well trained with sniper rifles they are the espionage side of the J12 which deal with data gathering while sneaking in and out without detection.
Their suits mask the heat signatures of the user while giving them reliable protection. Their main strength is in fact their agility, they are very fast and act fast to get the job done. They’re not meant to be underestimated.

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