The Islamic Caliphate of Syria (الخلافة الإسلامية في سوريا), formerly known as the Anointed Warriors of Allah (مسحت ووريورز من الله), is an Islamic Extremist group that primarily operates within the Middle-East, between Syria and Iraq. Based on Sunni ideology, the Caliphate focuses on spreading their radicalized practice of Islam to the rest of the Middle-East, where they will attempt to form and organize their own series of Islamic States.

The ICS remain the largest and strongest radical-Islamic Terrorist group in the Middle-East. Holding just barely half a million of fighters in their Military ranks, in the Present day.


The Mujahideen (1989-1996)

The origin of the AWA was birthed from the Soviet-Afghan War. After the conflict had ended, members and experienced combatants of a Mujahideen movement would eventually relocate across the entire Middle-East.

By 1996, members of the Mujahideen would turn to radical Islam, and began to spread their twisted beliefs and teachings within countries such as Syria and Iraq.

The Iraq War (2006-2011)

Later in the Mid-2000s, the small Mujahideen group would reform and fight alongside Al-Qaeda in a joint effort to halt the US invasion of Iraq. There, they would fight the US head on, along with many other opposing forces in numerous areas surrounding Iraq. The Iraqi War would serve as a lesson in teaching this group new combat techniques, developing a larger following, and as well as crafting a new stubborn resistance against Foreign invading military forces.

The Syrian Civil War (2015-2018)

After the Iraq War, several members of Al-Qaeda would separate, and thus merge with the small Mujahideen movement, in order to establish what is known as 'The Anointed Warriors of Allah'. This separation was likely due to disagreements in leadership or religious values within the ranks of Al-Qaeda.

A man known as 'Abdullah' would ultimately lead this new zealous army, promising unified Islamic States across the entire Middle-East.

Despite many decades of activity, the AWA would finally gain Worldwide attention in 2015. The Middle-East is now in terror, with a growing Radical Islamic insurgency leaking into Syria. Since revealing itself to world, the AWA have recruited more than half a million fighters to serve in their Insurgency movement; ordering Sunni Muslims to take up arms against opposing religions, along with the oppressive Syrian Government.

Present Day (2018-????)

With the Anointed Warriors of Allah successfully defeating the Syrian Government, the Insurgency group has managed to install their own Government in Syria. Thus, the Islamic Caliphate of Syria was born. Their goal to unifying the Middle-East is only further inspired by this newly established Islamic State. Despite the countless loss of lives during the Civil War, the ICS remain confident and determined to fulfilling their Islamic Destiny.

The ICS will stop at nothing to conquer the entire Middle-East, in what they consider to be the "Prophet's Holy War."

The Syrian Conflict (2015-2018):

For a full-analysis of the Syrian Conflict, please refer to the Conflicts Timeline page...

- 2015

The Path of Islam:

On April 6th, 2015, an insurgency group known as the 'Anointed Warriors of Allah' revealed themselves to the world. The insurgency established their own unofficial Caliphate in Syria, and declared that all followers of Islam rise up and join their army. Other religions in the Middle-East were also threatened, as the AWA claimed that those who didn't convert to their teachings of Sunni Islam would be viewed as non-believers. Either facing death, or joining their ranks are seen as the ultimate options.

20160517232518 1

The Washington D.C. Massacre

Despite the AWA's claims, the radical Islamic group wouldn't receive Worldwide attention until American sleeper agents working for the AWA would commit a horrific terrorist attack within the United States.

Labelled as the "Washington D.C. Massacre', over 100 civilian deaths, and 200 wounded casualties were listed after a D.C. Subway was bombed and shot up. Between two locations in the Subway, the 2 out of the 6 terrorists had set off their suicide vests within large crowds of innocent bystanders. After the two explosions had gone off, 4 individuals brandishing assault-rifles had walked down into the Subway and blocked off all of exits. There, the terrorists had managed to shoot down dozens of more civilians who were attempting to escape from the carnage. All 4 of the terrorists had managed to escape without being arrested or killed.

Ultimately, this terror attack on the federal capital of the United States would lead to Private Military Companies all-around the world reacting immediately, and promptly accusing the AWA for the terrorist-attack. Following this accusation, numerous PMCs would send their armed forces into Syria. A joint-PMC operation consisting of Blackforce Corporation, Hammerhead, and Trinity Corporation would declare War on the Anointed Warriors of Allah.

However, just after a few months of fighting the AWA, both PMCs including Hammerhead and Trinity Corps would pull out of Syria. Leaving Blackforce to be one of the original PMCs to remain in Syria, alongside supporting factions Elios Corporation, ODQ, and Phoenix International later on that following year.

- 2016
20160418213151 1

WLA soldiers suffering from the effects of Nerve-Gas.

A New Warfare:

On April 23, 2016, a year later into the Syrian Conflict, two moderately new factions to the Conflict including both the WLA and Kraaivuur Intl. were bombarded with Nerve-Gas by the AWA. This chemical attack officially established the AWA's possession of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).

20160519231709 1

Dirty Bombs exploding in the city of Inkhil, Syria.

On May 20, 2016, 3 out of 4 Dirty Bombs were detonated by the AWA in the City of Inkhil. The entire city was obliterated, along with insurgents, civilians, and WLA soldiers; claiming more than 5,000 lives altogether. The destruction of Inkhil, and mass-casualties taken by the WLA had resulted in them pulling out of the conflict.

The Platine Inferno:

20160530211153 1

The street Massacre of Corrientes, Platine Commonwealth.

On June 4, 2016, 14 sleeper agents were smuggled into The Confederation of Salvador, initiating a violent and bloody terrorist attack within the country.

Claiming an estimate of 300 civilians and 10 armed forces in the Capital of Corrientes, the attackers first blew up a Subway and then headed straight for the streets, where 200 innocent civilians were massacred. Various buildings, shops, and cars had also been bombed, claiming a bulk of the casualties in the attack; resulting in Platine armed forces to respond swift and aggressively. However, several responding officers on scene would too join the large list of casualties. In the end, more than 300 lives were claimed in total, and 13 out of 14 of the agents were killed.

- Summer 2016

Battle of Ash-Shaddadi:

20160711050522 1

A group of Insurgents continue to resist the opposing forces in Ash-Shaddadi, Syria.

On June 9, 2016, AWA insurgents fight off a combined force of PMCs in Ash-Shaddadi, Syria. Supporting them in defending the city, was an arms dealer group named the Smokkelaars Alliansie. They were tasked with fortifying and defending against as many of the attackers as possible. However, many insurgents and smugglers had died early on, leaving a small amount of AWA activity in Ash-Shaddadi by the end of July. The remaining AWA forces had capitulated, by as PMCs pulled out months later, the AWA managed to retake the city.

- Winter 2016

The Tchvonian Butcher:

The Tchvonian Butcher

Slavic AWA cells ruthlessly slay villagers in Bolshoy Laryak, Tchvonia.

On December 11, 2016, a group of Chechen AWA terrorists entered a small Tchvonian village known as Bolshoy Laryak; slaying anyone in their path. The terrorists first introduced themselves by simply walking door-to-door, killing and pillaging most of the homes. During the shootings, the village's power-lines were disconnected, which prevented anyone from calling local police in the area.

The terrorists then captured a few dozen other villagers and proceeded to force all of the captives to run out into the woods. Giving them a 10 second head start, before the terrorists killed and butchered all of the fleeing villagers. In total, 28 people were killed during the terrorist attack, leaving only a surviving population of 13 within the small village. 90% would perish in this gruesome attack.

As word broke out, an AWA Official known as al-Hasib, would claim full responsibility for the massacre. To which he jokingly called it the ''Tchvonian Butcher". The terrorist attack was a show of force from the AWA, as well as an act of vengeance from TPAF's ruthless air raid campaigns on Ash-Shaddadi, just months prior.

- 2017

Death of a Sultan:

Death of a Sultan

The Death of a Sultan. ~Damascus, Syria

On January 15, 2017, the founder/leader of the AWA, 'Abdullah', was killed in an airstrike launched by The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia.

The operation successfully managed to cripple the AWA in its war efforts in Syria. Which resulted in prolonged inactivity within the Terrorist group. The death of the Sultan had silenced the AWA for over a year, causing the rest of the World to question if the Caliphate had collapsed or not.

Time would tell...

- 2018

The Sultan's Resurgence:

20180112235405 1

AWA cell agents slaying senators, and senate guards. ~Adrianople, ERR.

On January 14, 2018, after an entire year of seclusion, the AWA reappeared. With al-Hasib now acting as the Sultan to the Insurgency. He would call upon all Muslims of Sunni belief to join their army in order to crush the AWA's enemies.

During his speech, it had been revealed that a deadly terrorist attack was underway in The Eastern Roman Republic. The capital city of Adrianople was terrorized in arguably one of the AWA's deadliest terrorist attacks to date, resulting in the deaths of over 100 senators, 95 civilians, and 57 armed personnel. A chaotic raid on the ERR's Senate building was spearheaded by 25 heavily-armed and trained terrorists. Following a successful raid on the Senate building, 100 government officials were held hostage after a brutal shootout.


Senate Building explosion captured on camera.

By February 1, 2018, all 100 senators were executed during the terrorist attack. On that same day, the terror attack had ended with a majority of the AWA cells performing a mass-suicide bombing within the Senate building. The explosion was so loud and spontaneous that it allegedly echoed, and shook the entire city of Adrianople for a brief moment. The Senate building later collapsed that same day, leaving nothing but debris.

Various other explosives were said to have been used, but none have since been identified.

In the aftermath, the last few remaining AWA cells in Adrianople engaged in numerous shootouts between civilians and ERR armed forces. Ultimately being killed in the long-run. An estimate of 252 civilians were killed, including both members of the Senate, and ERR armed personnel. This attack has been regarded as a national tragedy to the ERR.

A Fallen President:


Larisse's President car explodes during parade, caught on Live camera. ~ Leeuwaarden, Holland

On February 24, 2018, Herreran President Antoinne Larrisse held a parade all-across Herrera, celebrating the nearing-victory against the Netherlands. In Leeuwaarden, Holland, the President's vehicle would be explode from hand grenade. Perpetuated by radicalized Herreran secret-service agent Victor Depardieu, he was given orders to reveal himself and perform a suicide-bombing inside the Presidential car. Ultimately, 5 people were killed in the explosion, including the President, with 14 more people critically-injured by the blast radius.

Later that same day, AWA Sultan al-Hasib would film a live-recording, in which he claimed full-responsibility for the tragic attack in Herrera. Violent claims were also established by the Sultan, as former members of the Central Pact are being currently targeted by the Terrorist group. This is due to the Central Pact's perceived involvement during the air raids on Damascus, which resulted in the Assassination of the AWA's previous Sultan, 'Abdullah'.

The Second Battle of Damascus:

Herreran Blackhawk Down

A Herreran Blackhawk is struck by an RPG rocket. ~ Damascus, Syria

On March 18, 2018, Herrera would spearhead an Invasion on the Syrian city capital, otherwise known as 'Fort Damascus', effectively declaring war on the AWA. The Herreran Navy's 4th naval fleet deployed both Blackhawks and UH-60 Ghost Hawks, as well as F-15s, initiating an air-to-ground invasion against the city. With an invasion force of around 60,000 marines up against 30,000 AWA insurgents, any sign of victory from either Belligerent will still result in mass-casualties.

During the initial invasion many helicopters and fighter jets were been downed by AWA AA-Gun emplacements. Proving that the AWA's defenses were quite methodical, but not superior by any means, as most zpu-4s had been taken out by Herreran Marines within the early hours of the invasion. Despite this, at least 57 Blackhawks have been knocked out of the air-space, along with 8 F-15s.

By July 16, 2018, Herreran forces would finally pull out of the Battle, with a casualty estimate of 200 KIA. While AWA casualties have been reported up to 3,000 KIA, in just 4 months alone.

- Spring 2018

The Battle of Hama:

Hama Streetshootout

AWA insurgents can be seen running passed a friendly T-72 tank, during combat...

On March 29, 2018, the AWA would finally mobilize its 4th Islamic Army towards the City of Hama. This Battle was regarded as being the Syrian Government's Final Stand in defending Syria from the Insurgency group. With an original bulk of 4,000 insurgent soldiers, more than 10,000 AWA soldiers would later arrive as reinforcements. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army only possessed just half of the AWA's numbers, with about 6,000 SAA soldiers defending the City.

On July 14, 2018, just 4 months of fighting, the AWA forces would finally push the Syrian Arab Army into surrendering. As a result of facing 1,000+ casualties along low-morale, the Syrian Army's remaining 5,000 would be taken in as POWs. Along with the SAA's surrender, was the addition of commandeered Vehicles and other Weaponry, mainly 150+ Gaz-Vodniks. Thus resulting in the Collapse of the Syrian Army, and inevitably the Syrian Government, as their remaining back-support has just been crushed.

Following the Victory in Hama, the AWA would then push on to Aleppo. There, the Syrian President would hide inside his Palace...

- Summer 2018

The Death of el-Hassan:

El-Hassan's Death

Ex-Syrian President el-Hassan, just moments before being executed.

By July 16, 2018, the AWA managed to surround Syrian President el-Hassan's Palace. Remaining guards Loyal to the President were granted freedom and safety, if they surrendered to the AWA. Whereas the President himself, was to be Captured and executed for his crimes against Islam, and Syria.

In secrecy, the AWA installed a Spy who worked closely with the Syrian President. General Hassaf of the Syrian Army, was regarded as the Spy, and managed to convince el-Hassan that The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia grant him Asylum into their Country. Assuring the President that the TPRoT were awaiting his escape in a secluded area just outside of the Palace. However, in truth, Hasaf had led the President out of the Palace and into a group of AWA soldiers awaiting his arrival.

On July 18, 2018, Ex-President Emir el-Hassan would be executed on Television, in which he was burned-alive inside a cage. al-Hasib would provide numerous statements, essentially regarding Hassan as a traitorous and corrupt infidel, who only managed to plummet Syria into chaos. Ultimately, it was Hassan's poor decisions, frequent failures, and use of corruption which had led to his death and downfall.

With el-Hassan's death at the AWA's hands, along with there being no other Syrian opposition to the Insurgency, lead the AWA to installing it's own Government in Syria. This new Government is controlled by Al-Hasib.

Thus, the Islamic Caliphate of Syria was created. But with their success, quickly came their demise...

A Gift from Herrera:


The Herreran Nuke on Damascus...

On July 18, 2018, the very same day following el-Hassan's execution. All Members of PIDA, along with Herrera would agree to drop an atomic bomb directly onto Damascus, the Capital of Syria. Just moments after el-Hassan's inevitable death, a Herreran bomber known as 'Soul One' would drop the nuke on the City Capital. Effectively wiping hundreds of thousands of insurgents, and Civilians alike within the blast radius.

An estimated casualty of 200,000 AWA insurgents, along with 1 Million+ Civilian casualties have since been reported following the aftermath of the explosion. Damascus has been completely wiped off the Syrian Map, and radiation has been expected to pour over into the Nothern sector of Syria.

Whilst pulling out from the Conflict, Herrera has effectively staunched the ICS' growth as a Nation. Crippling the Islamic nation harder than what Tchvonia had previously done, a year ago.

And so concludes The Syrian Conflict...

The Caliphate System:

The Sultan

Following the death of Former Sultan, 'Abdullah', a new leader is expected to take their place, should such a scenario ever occur. As a result, the AWA's second in-command, al-Hasib, was eligible for the position. Thus making him the new Sultan to the AWA.


al-Hasib giving a speech directed at Tchvonia.

The Sultan is a highly-prestigious rank within the Caliphate system. He acts as the ruler/leading figure, and provides political, religious, and combative tasks to further benefit his army. Because of this, The Sultan is beloved by his followers as he holds a religious connection that is arguably unmatched by "lesser" followers of Islam, and other religions.

Members of the AWA will listen and follow the Sultan's orders, without question. Even being willing to sacrifice their own lives, to save the Sultan, if he were to be threatened.

Apart from religious power, the Sultan also appears to hold an alarming abundance of wealth and resources, as well. One may even question how such a figure had earned their wealth and riches in the first place...


20160516012246 1

AWA's most skilled and experienced fighters are enlisted into this rank, with the sole purpose of defending a person of interest, or specific area. These extremists can be comparable to that of a Special Forces unit in an official military branch. They will devote themselves to the practice of Islam, whilst performing difficult and often extremely dangerous operations, to further benefit the AWA. Almustanir will not hesitate to follow an order issued by those ranking above them. Even if it means sacrificing their own lives to protect said person/place/or thing.

Members of Almustanir are considerably imposing, as they prefer to stay secluded and hidden, before pulling off lethal attacks.

They can be identified by their varied rugged robes, scarves, and sunglasses.


The Flayed

Alsayadin members after flaying UZF terrorists, Damascus, Syria

The Alsayadin act as the AWA's personal police, in which they enforce the Law of the State upon any occupied zones controlled by the AWA. Members of Alsayadin are also used a hunters and trackers against anyone who is believed or suspected of practicing any opposing religion to Sunni Islam, and there for are entitled to arrest and punish anyone who does not abide to the Caliphate's ideology.

They are infamous for storming buildings and homes at random and unexpected intervals, and are rarely seen, unless performing city patrols. They are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and appear much more physically-fit than an Average Islamist.

Alsayadin can be identified by their all-black uniforms, as well as appearing heavily-armed and brandishing machetes and daggers.


20160515201645 1

Juundin, or Soldiers (In English), are essentially operators with far better experience than the typical Jihadist. They're better equipped, fairly trained, and are much more efficient insurgents. Juundin make up the second-bulk of the AWA's army, and are used as an efficient Support unit as they have a larger scale of equipment to use in combat. This can range from powerful explosives like grenades, RPGs and IEDs, to a variety of guns such as DMRs and assault rifles; these insurgents are not only of capable accessing an array of arsenals, but can also take advantage of their environment: This can range from using actual camouflage, to lurking in ruined buildings, to even entrenching.

The Juundin role is earned through aggressive physical training, combat experience, and prolonged experience within the Caliphate. Veterans of the Syrian Conflict will easily meet this criteria, considering their skills and knowledge of guerilla warfare have hardened overtime.

Juundin can be identified by their varied camouflage jackets and pants, vests, helmets and other modern equipment.


20160512231937 1

The Jihadist are the most common fighters of the army. They're willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah and thier Sultan. Jihadist are considerably the most expendable troops in the entire Caliphate. These insurgents are also the newest initiates enlisted into the Militia, and therefor are ill-equipped, unskilled, and are generally unprepared for combat. Despite this, their loyalty to the AWA's cause makes them also one of the most determined fighters, as well.

Jihadists are often reckless, blood thirsty, and in some cases are considerably most-deadly in large quantities. This is evidenced during a large ambush led by militants, who charged into the direct line of fire from Blackforce agents. Leaving only one operator alive, and countless insurgents killed in the attack.

Because of how successful this tactic was, it has become an official method of attack and has adopted the name 'Jihad Charge' as a majority of the participants are expected to die.

Jihadists can be identified by their civilian clothes, implying that they were once civilians, prior to joining the insurgency.

Equipment/Weapons & Vehicles:


Faction Relations:

Divine Order of Christ's Blood.

Status: Sworn Enemies----.

The AWA despises any non-believer of Islam. And The Order are no exception to this powerful hate. Their zealous Christian ideology conflicts directly with the AWA's zealous and radical practices of Sunni Islam, deeming them a true enemy of their religion.

Naturally, the terrorist group will force people of other religions to convert, or flee the country. However, with how powerful The Order's control over Christianity is, the AWA have deemed to commit religious genocide of Christians, without hesitation. This is practiced, in order to prevent The Order's wretched teachings from spreading across the Middle-East.

As of yet, neither faction have engaged each other in conflict. However, with the senate attack on the ERR, The Order's leader has revealed himself, and thus declares war on the Muslim religion...

United Zionist Front.

Status: Sworn Enemies----.

The AWA despises any non-believer of Islam. The UZF is the prime example of such hate and disgust seen from the Islamic terrorist group. Zionist and Jews alike have recently become an issue for the AWA, as recent terrorist attacks on the Syrian Capital have revealed a new threat. And thus, resulted in stronger fortifications being built within Fort Damascus.

The UZF has clearly shown themselves to be a true threat to the AWA, and their Islamic ideology. Because of this, the Syrian Jewish population will soon be subjected to antisemitic prejudice and be slaughtered without question by the AWA. The destruction of Judaism is now one of the AWA's main goals, aside from their campaign in conquering the Middle-East.

Growing concerns and future counter-methods are being planned by the AWA, with laws to rid Syria of Jews already being developed.

The Republic of Herrera.

Status: Sworn Enemies----.

The AWA were held responsible for the assassination of Herreran President, Antoinne Larisse, in a sudden terrorist attack. Claiming that he and many other members of the now-collapsed Central Pact, had colluded with Tchvonia in the death of 'Abdullah'.

A hatred has surged within the Insurgent army, seeking to destroy anything and anyone relating to Herrera. Because their former President was Anti-Muslim, the AWA also use this as another reason to justify their actions against Herrera. Believing that Herrera and her allies are enemies against the Muslim religion.

Since then, both the AWA and Herrera have come in contact through a massive invasion led by Herrera's Navy, against the Syrian city capital, deemed 'Fort Damascus'.

The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia.

Status: Sworn Enemies---.

The AWA hates Communism. This hatred is also influenced by the assassination of the AWA's great Sultan, Abdullah; Who was murdered in an air strike spearheaded by Tchvonia. Causing a massive outcry within the terrorist group.

The Insurgency now calls for the blood of all Tchvonian people, seeking vengeance over the death of their great Leader.

Free Empire of Karaq.

Status: Despised--.

The FEK were always viewed as enemies to the AWA, as they were a former member of the now-collapsed Central Pact. Members of this former Pact have recently faced terrorist attacks, which one can only assume that Karaq would also be on this list.

Karaq's transition from a Republic to Empire also threatens the AWA's goals in forming unified Islamic States, all across the Middle-East. The FEK's powerful political views, and strong atheist ideology also challenges the AWA's radical Islamic ideology. Thus making their hate and hostility, even stronger.

But in 2018, official contact between the AWA and FEK was made as a small squad of Karaqi commandos had infiltrated a city held by the AWA. A massive Jihad Charge was initiated, which resulted in the many deaths of AWA insurgents, along with the 10 Karaqi commandos who were savagely butchered during the ambush.

The AWA has since declared war on Karaq, in the aftermath of the failed attack.

The Eastern Roman Republic.

Status: Despised---.

After the AWA had fallen into silence over 2017, the terrorist group watched the world carefully. It wasn't until the country known as ERR, who would declare war on Turkey, that the AWA would begin plotting a new attack. This was partly due to the religious genocide of arabs, along with European invaders threatening a Middle-Eastern country.

As of the beginning of 2018, the AWA have commenced a brutal terrorist attack on the ERR's main province of Adrionople. Slaying and dismantling their country's whole senate in a violent massacre.

Platine Commonwealth.

Status: Hostile-.

The Commonwealth made no public threats to the AWA. However, arguably one of the deadliest terrorist attacks has been committed on Platine soil. And the main motive simply being that the Country was left vulnerable, and needed to be demoralized.

With over 300 people dead in considerably one of the largest mass-shootings Worldwide, the AWA has proven to attack any country.

Trinity Corporation.

Status: Despised--.

Trinity's cloning process is viewed as inhumane, and are seen as abominations to mankind. Trinity and it's clone series of battle-hardened soldiers have been a constant scourge in the AWA's campaign to conquer Syria. The shear hate for these 'creatures' has resulted in paranoia and fear of AWA cloned soldiers, who were believed to turn against their own comrades in battle, resulting in the Insurgency burning their own dead whenever the army comes into contact with Trinity soldiers.

The AWA and Trinity have had many clashes within Syria, between 2015-2016. With brutal battles taking place at Abu Kamal, and Ash-Shaddadi.

Trinity's cynical CEO, Silvia Dawson, has also become a symbol of hate for the AWA. As she is openly seen scrutinizing the AWA, along with their Leader.

Blackforce Corporation.

Status: Hostile-.

Both Blackforce and the AWA have fought countless offensives during the initial uprising in Syria. The AWA view Blackforce as a foreign invader that threatens their way of life, and who seek to dismantle the Insurgency's attempt at forming an Islamic State within the Middle-East.

Attacks on the faction range not only in the Middle-East, but also in the United States. In fact, it was in Seattle, Washington, where AWA terrorists disguised as Blackforce agents and attacked the populace on sight.

World Liberation Army.

Status: Hostile-.

The WLA was a lingering threat to AWA, and had to be crippled at all costs.

The AWA seeks to remove the threat of any Foreign militaries and PMCs out of Syria, and this included the WLA. Their army hindered the Insurgency's attempt on establishing an Islamic State, which had led to many brutal battles. The WLA would ultimately be tricked twice into engaging the AWA, in which they would be struck by Nerve-Gas in Daara, and then nuked in Inkhil.

In the end, the WLA were defeated and thus pulled out of the conflict.