Isabella Dawson was the Chief Medical Officer of Trinity Arms/Trinity Corporation. She's the daughter of James M. Dawson and Catherine Dawson, and the twin sister of Ivanka Dawson.




Isabella was resurrected as an Mk3 on June 10th, 2010 at the Trinity lab beneath Trinity Tower in Boston. During her resurrection, she went through a series of brainwashing procedures, as per request of Trinity Corporation Chairman and US Senator Joseph Jacobs. She was renamed to Silvia Dawson, and passed off as a relative to the original Dawson family. She has since been named the CEO of Trinity Corporation, so she can be kept under close watch by the Chairman as well as Trinity's Chief Medical Officer Saraqael.

Currently, the brainwashing procedures seem to be wearing off, as Silvia has begun to show signs of personality reversion. There have also been recollections of memories that Silvia had not lived. It seems Isabella might not be gone after all.