The Holy Roman Remnants are an ideological nation based in Austria who wish to reform the old Holy Roman Empire which was dissolved in 1806.


The Holy Roman Empire was once a multi-ethnic complex of nations based in central Europe, lead by the Holy Roman Emperor up until it was dissolved by Emperor Francis II in 1806. Ever since it was dissolved, a sizable group of people have held resentment as they strongly opposed this action and saw it as a detriment. After almost 200 years of gaining influence and followers, the Remnants managed to secure their independence in Upper Austria and and become a prominent power in the state. To the present day, the Empire has been attempting to spread their influence throughout Austria and central Europe to try and reform the old Empire.

Goals and Ideology

The Holy Roman Remnants overall goal is to succeed the old Holy Roman Empire, which was a large complex of nations instead of one large nation. However, the Empire was mainly based around Austria, which lead the empire and thus they truely want to bring glory to Austria through the empire. Their methods are not forceful though, as they prefer peaceful interactions over conquest.