The founder of the Children of God, as well as it's main figure of worship.


Little to no information is known of who it is exactly that they call "The Holy Father." The only things that are known about him is based on what he has contributed to CoG's doctrine. Going by this, it paints a picture of who he very well could be: An insane, genocidal, and psychotic old man who thinks himself a God and believes the world ought to bow down to him. It doesn't help that the outside of his home is littered with burnt offerings and sacrifices, of which are all pointed inward towards the front door and doesn't bother removing them.


One can only imagine just what a sick and twisted individual this man must be if he was the one responsible for the creation of the cult. Unfortunately (or fortunately), nobody has ever actually met him face to face before to see just how horrible he really is. If one thing is for sure, he's bad enough that his own caretaker, Adam, wants him gone for good and forever.

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