Hideki Saito (Japanese: 斉藤秀樹) is an expert on Cybernetics, and Tiger Company's Manager of Cybernetics. He oversees everything about the Cybernetics Project. He got this position in July of 2016 from Charlie Brooks.

Early Life

Saito was born on November 12th, 1968 in Kyoto, Japan. The son of a scientist, he was raised to respect the sciences, and this influenced his studies, as he did best on Science based classes more so. He also gained an interest in electronics as a hobby around the age of 12. He carried these hobbies of his with him.

Cybernetics Work

Later on in life, when the basic idea of Cybernetic improvements were just beginning to form, Saito was at the front. Working at a company named Future Technologies, Saito was part of a team that oversaw some of the first cybernetic improvements created. Saito had worked there soon after finishing his education, and up until leaving to join Tiger Company. In the late 2000's, Saito had volunteered to test Future Technologies then new cybernetic eye himself, to show how much he believes in the project.

Tiger Company

Saito has not been with Tiger long. He however caught their attention from news of Future Technologies various breakthroughs that Brooks had been following. Brooks approached Saito one day, and soon after, the two reached a deal and Saito now sits at the top of Tiger Cybernetics. He will oversee that branch's developments, while offering his opinions and expertise. Saito did not bring over any previous devices he had worked on at Future Technologies, but will work with Tiger to recreate an even better array of cybernetic improvements to the Tiger Company fighting force.

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