The Hanover Crisis, or incident, is the takeover, siege, and eventual destruction of Hanover, Germany by the Vice Union in August 2015.


Some time after their withdraw from Ukraine, the Vice Union took over the city of Hanover, Germany.

On 2 August 2015, a joint force between the New German Republic and Adler International began an attempt to reclaim the city from the Union. After two days, they had gained a minor foothold and were battling block by block against Union forces.

By 4 August, the Union had activated its air defence grid, and was rapidly downing any enemy fast movers. Adler and the NGR, without air support, were forced into a land battle.

However, the Vice Union had already constructed numerous roadblocks throughout the city, leaving many of the convoys stranded at dead ends, prime targets for sucide bombers on more than one occasion. The combined Adler/NGR forces began taking heavy casualities.

The Kharkiv Raiders also decided that the battle would be a good looting oppotunity, and began looting from the clashes.

However, in response to the amount of beliggerents piling in, Vice Union issued an ultimatum on 5 August - if anyone other than the NGR was to set foot in Hanover, the dirty bomb that had rigged would be detonated.

This alone was enough to deter the Raiders, who left out the same day. VDI also had tried to establish a FOB, but in the face of the bomb threat not unlike the one before, they also pulled out.

Voytek, although they were not involved in the fighting, established a safe zone for refugees 40 kilometres outside of Hanover.

The GSAF were not involved in combat, but were monitoring the situtation & area with satellite imaging.

Adler was not deterred, even in the face of nuclear annihiliation, and continued pushing into Hanover.

By 7 August 2015, the corrupt ruling party of the Children of God had decided to secretly aid the Vice Union, sending in Lord Kang to lead a force into the area.

Voytek also began supplying Adler, while the GSAF met with the VDI in Greenland to trade information.

That night, Tbonia deployed a team of three pathfinders to Hanover, hoping to attempt to defuse this situation.

On 8 August, PAAPMC declared it would assist the NGR and Adler forces with air & ground support.

By 14 August, Leviathan had actively engaged the Union, even going so far as to hang their troops in full view of the Union's forces. This was all that the Union needed to justify the bomb's detonation.

On 15 August 2015 14:34 GMT+1, the bomb detonated, decimating the city, and everyone in and around it.