Originally founded by ex Police-officer Marlow Pierce in 2014

known as Flintvalley. The faction had minor impact in Ukraine and Russia but initially pulled out of the conflict and disappeared for a few years. January 2016 Goldtop Security was founded built upon what was once Flintvalley

Eliza Hopkins

M.Pierce's trusted Second-in-Command. Born in England a Mercenary at a young age Eliza was recruited by Goldtop Security. She has a well respected reputation among her peers but still has very much to learn.

Marlow CJ. Pierce

Originally a dirty cop in the streets of Detroit and recruited by the Ragemachine Militia, Marlow fought alongside the militant group for a year until he betrayed the Militia. Killing the leaders in their own HQ Marlow formed his own faction with the Militants who surrendered forming FlintValley Mercenaries.

Marlow ran FlintValley Mercenaries for two and a half years before the group disbanded due to Drug-trade partners cutting ties forcing Marlow to pull out of Russia at risk of bankruptcy.