This alliance has been disbanded, thus making it inactive/dead.

Global Corporate Military Union

The Global Corporate Military Union, sometimes referred to as the Union for short, is a military alliance meant to provide balance due to tensions caused by the Central Pact.

Upon joining, each member vow to support the other members should direct combat with Pact forces ever occur.

Members also donate a small sum of resources to a common resource pool, this can be anything from currency to prototype weaponry. Anything that could be of use for the Union.

Standing Members of the GCMU

The GCMU currently has four members. Upon joining a special agreement is signed to pledge loyalty towards the GCMU.

Founding Members (Summer 2016)

Former Members

The Secession

In December 2016 it had become clear that the GCMU would not be able to carry on.

After a lengthy and disastrous conflict in South Africa versus the Central Pact forces as well as general decline in resources some members of the Union wanted out.

Facing an aggressive military coalition on its own VDI halted its planned combat operations and was forced into limbo as an internal power struggle between its two leading elements took place.

Meanwhile Penumbra was also experiencing a halt to all of its operations after several shareholders revoked both their support and resources from the company.

Seeing as the entire alliance was in decline both VDI and Penumbra left the GCMU with the latter sending a strong-worded statement to the remaining members of the GCMU recommending that they too stand down.

Kraaivuur shortly announced afterwards that they too were withdrawing.

This series of events marks the Secession, the fall of the GCMU.

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