GHI's primary mission is to provide low cost licences made vehicles. GHI also manufactures WW2 vehicles and parts for Museums, Private collectors, and for some odd reason Private military contractors.

Private Air Force

GHI operates it's own private Air force, primarily contracted to ferry manufactured vehicles to customers. The Air Force can also be contracted to transport objects, personnel, and even weaponry to other corners of the globe. GHI also stands out from the rest for owning it's own Bombardment Wing, the only one of it's kind. GHI's Air Force also has it's own fighter wing, mainly to defend the company's own assets, but on rare occasions, may be contracted for missions.

As of 2015, the current fleet is:

Aircraft Role Amount Country of Origin
F-14 Tomcat Multi-Role 2,100 USA*
C-130J Herculies Strategic Transport 150 USA
C-17 Globemaster III Heavy Airlift 30 USA
C-5M Galaxy Strategic Airlift 10 USA
An-22 Turboprop Transport 12 Soviet Union*
An-225 Strategic Airlift 3 Soviet Union*
B-1C Lancer^ Supersonic Bomber 12 USA
B-36M Peacemaker^* Strategic Bomber 120 USA

*Licensed made versions

^Surplus bought, upgraded to modern standard

^*Reverse Engineered from various Examples across the US

Licensed products

GHI has obtained a plethora of licenses to manufacture vehicles, most being deemed outdated or useless. Here at GHI, we believe that not everything is truly outdated, there will always be a place for them. That said, some of our licensed vehicles are modern and have been made to be cost effective. If you already have said vehicles, we also have a maintenence program if you cannot keep your Armor in working order.

We have a consumer code to show which is out of production and which ones are still manufactured

OP- Out of production. No longer produced.

ID- In Development. Contracts to build, being Improved.

IP-In Production. Can be ordered on Demand

LP- Limited Production. Production line makes limited amounts, LP also means product will be Discontinued.

Main Battle Tanks

Vehicle Cost Country of origin Avilability
T-90MS Russia ID
Leopard 2a7 Germany IP
T-55 Soviet Union OP

Armored Vehicles

Vehicle Type Country of origin Notes of Interest Availability
Zil/GHI Punisher MRAP USA/Russia First "Original Design"


Ratel Series APC/LAV South Africa LP
Eland 90 AFV South Africa LP
HMMWV Light Truck USA LP
Ivenco LMV Light Truck Italy IP


Aircraft Role Cost Country of Origin Availability
A-10 Ground Attack USA IP
Su-25 Ground Attack Soviet Union LP
F-51 Multirole USA OP
F-4 Fighter/Bomber USA LP
F-14 Multirole Interceptor N/A USA IP*
F-15 Air Superiority USA IP
F-16 Multirole USA LP
F/A-18 Multirole USA OP
Eurofighter Typhoon Multirole EU LP
Mig-29 Multirole Soviet Union OP
Mig-31 Interceptor Soviet Union OP
Tu-160 Supersonic bomber Soviet Union OP
B-1B lancer Supersonic Bomber USA OP
B-36M Peacemaker Strategic Bomber USA OP

Faction Relations:

Grand Duchy of Balita:

Gecko Heavy Industries has a contract to produce 10,000 Punisher MRAPs for the Balitian Armed forces. In return, the Balitian government has authorized GHI to construct a factory in the city of Šiauliai. GDB is currently GHI's largest buyer.

Tiger Corporation:

Gecko Heavy Industries provides Tiger Corporation with their Leopard 2A7s, and Punisher MRAPs. In turn, Tiger has given Gecko access to factories, a port and airstrip at Three Islands, a trio of islands on the south end of Tiger's territory to assist with the production of the vehicles, and export of some MRAPs constructed at the factory to support Gecko's other clientele's orders.

Ursus Tactical Solutions:

Gecko Heavy Industries supplied UTS with 300 Punishers.

GHI is now a Subsidiary.

Gecko Heavy Industries has latelry been critisised as a monopoly, with alogattions leved against the company, Arthur has decided to break up his company, with the armed segments becoming Gecko Defense Division and the other becoming Wyvern Aerospace Solutions. Gecko Heavy Industries has also begun to limit the amount of licenses they can now use. Keeping the Zil Partnership vehicle.

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