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The Gecko Group was founded as a attempt to separate the former monopoly, Gecko Heavy industries, which is now a subsidiary. The Gecko Group is named after it's predecessor, GHI. It even retains the former logo, as well as the same corporate Headquarters.


Gecko Heavy Industries:

Gecko Heavy Industries is the Precursor to the Gecko Group. Their primary goal is manufacturing licensed vehicles, weapons and aircraft. Primarily serving Military interests. Downsized and it's military section broken off to form 2 Private Military Corporations. Currently, GHI is the largest subsidiary of The Gecko Group. It is also the primary supplier of arms to both of GG's PMCs


Gecko Defense Systems:

The Ground Force of GG. It is the largest armed PMC of the Gecko Group, with 250,000 Soldiers and 100,000 other personnel. GDS operates the Chieftain Mk5 as the primary main battle tank, with Challenger 1s operated as the elite armored core. GDS also operates Mi-24 Helicopters as close fire support. All vehicles have been modernized to keep up in this modern world.

Vehicle Fleet
Vehicles Type In Inventory On Order
Chieftain Mk.5 Main battle tank 80 800
Challenger 1 Main battle tank 30 100
Scorpion Light Tank 50 30
Pzh.2000 SPG 10 0
Insurgent LAPV 100 200
F-150 Pickup truck 300 0

GDS's logo

Wyvern Aerospace Solutions

GG's Primary Air power, they are also in control of one of the largest private cargo fleets. WAS has 2,000 pilots, with their front line fighter being the legendary F-14 tomcat and the primary bombers being the B-1 Lancers. Both Aircraft have been heavily modernized and can go toe to toe with most modern fighters.

Currently, Wyvern is planning to expand their Bombardment Wing's strength. WAS is planning on acquiring the B-36 Peacemaker from GHI as their Primary Mainline Bomber. Additionally, they'll begin adding A-10s to the inventory roster to bolster their numbers.
Cargo Fleet
Aircraft Type Delivered On Order Notes
C-130 Airlifter 150 0
C-17 Airlifter 30 0
C-5 Heavy Airlifter 10 0
an-22 Airlifter 12 0
An-225 Heavy Airlifter 3 0
Combat Fleet
Aircraft Type Delivered On Order Notes
F-14 Multi-role 2,100 0 1,400 being removed from service
A-10 Ground Attack 10 0
B-1C Bomber 12
B-36M Strategic Bomber 0 400

Miscellaneous Subsidiaries

Gecko Financial Division - Financial

GFD is the finance branch of the company, they manage the company's finances, as well as operate numerous bank branches across the United States and Asia.

Gecko Architecture Division

Gecko Architecture is responsible for the designing and engineering of structures built and operated by the company. Currently GAD is working on a Massive project up in Anchorage Alaska.

Dragon Naval Solutions - Wet Navy

DNS is one of the Newest Divisions of the Gecko Group, with their primary role to provide Naval Support to the Company's clients. Their secondary role being to protect Pacific Shipping routes from the US to Asia.

Komodo Arms Company - Arms Manufacturer

Komodo serves as the company's primary Arms Manufacturer, with the Staple weapon being the Mk-1 Carbine, a Carbine heavily influenced by the KRISS Vector.

Hydra Information Security & Services

The Intelligence Gathering & cybersecurity branch of the company. They offer Surveillance and Cyber security to the public, but behing closed doors, they serve as the Group's Espionage branch. Fielding an army of spies and hackers to protect many of their assets, as well a provide some spy on rival companies.

3 other Subsidiaries


Gecko Group's history began as a small venture between 5 friends in Bellevue Washington under the name of Gecko Heavy Industries. The company's original purpose was to manufacture custom spare parts for various vehicles. GHI proceeded to grow in strength and expanded into licensed production of Vehicles and started Ventures into Private Military Services.

Syria Conflict of 2016:

GHI's first foray into Conflict was the moderately successful intervention in Syria against the Smmokelars and AWA. Serving primarily as a support role, Gecko aircraft Bombed Supply lines and targets of value.

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