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The Gecko Group is a Privately Owned American Based Defense Contractor. They are the 3rd Largest Private Military behind Trinity Corporation and Penumbra. Formed during the Gold Rush, they are one of the oldest factions.


The Company was formed by a joint venture between Henry Lee and Eugene Armstrong as a way to provide private security in San Francisco and the Gold Fields in California.


Early Years and the California Gold Rush

The company's original name was Gecko Security, hired mostly by caravans to protect them from bandits and other threats to and from the gold fields. Most of the hired muscle were originally Chinese and Irish immigrants to cut costs, with their commanding officers usually formerly Army. As the Gold Rush moved into full swing, the contracts doubled and eventually they were hired by banks in stopover towns as private protection. After the Gold rush, Gecko were given Contracts to protect the train company's railways from Native Americans and bandits, with most confrontations ending in victory for the guards. As the company grew, Gecko formed a gunsmith subsidiary to help keep their private forces armed.

American Civil War

During this time, Gecko's Founders sided with the union and volunteered some of their private forces to guard Union rail lines, caravans, and storage facilities. Some guards later volunteered for the Union Army. During this time Gecko begun to invest heavily into arms manufacturing and helped supply the Union with weapons. This Action helped boost the newly named Gecko Corporation.

World War 1 and World War 2

-Work in Progress

Cold War

-Work in Progress

Arthur Lee Years

Under Arthur's command, the Gecko Group began acquiring licenses to build various armored fighting vehicles. During this time, the Gecko Group entered joint development with Russian Auto manufacturer Zil to produce the Punisher MRAP for the Russian Military. The Bid failed with the russian military and GHI bought the rights to the vehicle.

Syria Conflict of 2016 and Trade Deals

GHI's first foray into Conflict was the moderately successful intervention in Syria against the Smmokelars and AWA. Serving primarily as a support role, Gecko aircraft Bombed Supply lines and targets of value. During then, the Gecko Group signed a multi-billion dollar deal with the GDS to mass produce the Punisher MRAP, as well as open multiple factories in the GDS.

Failed Hostile Takeover of 2016

In a attempt to take over the company, members of GHI's Board Members attempted to seize the company from the then owner, Arthur Lee. During which hired gunmen stormed the corporate, and kidnapped Arthur. After 3 days of searching, Arthur was found murdered in a nearby national park. In his will, he left the company ownership to his eldest daughter, Catherine Lee.

Catherine Lee Years

With Gecko Heavy Industries fractured. Catherine reformed GHI into the Gecko Group, during then she killed off and fired most of her father's former board members. It is here where the Gecko Group began to heavily focus in the firearms market, by forming Komodo Arms Company, which currently produces various firearms used by all branches of the Gecko Group as well as it's main trade partners.

Further Expansions and Domestic Issues

During this time, the Gecko Group's relation began to deteriorate. with signs of human rights abuses becoming a common theme with the country. During this time, Gecko began talks with the state of Alaska in building a new base of operations in the state. During this time, Gecko recieved a boost in personnel after Penumbra declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving the company a larger garrison of pilots and soldiers.

Dominican Republic Civil War and the UPA

Heavy WIP.


Gecko Heavy Industries:

Gecko Heavy Industries is the Precursor to the Gecko Group. Their primary goal is manufacturing licensed vehicles, weapons and aircraft. Primarily serving Military interests. Downsized and it's military section broken off to form 2 Private Military Corporations. Currently, GHI is the largest subsidiary of The Gecko Group. It is also the primary supplier of arms to both of GG's PMCs.


Product Type Amount Made Notes
Project 081 'Punisher' MRAP 12,000~ Most successful Gecko Design
Project 002
Project 034
Project 524

Gecko Defense Systems:

The Ground Force of GG. It is the largest armed PMC of the Gecko Group, with 250,000 Soldiers and 100,000 other personnel. GDS operates the Challenger 2 ATDU as the primary main battle tank, with Challenger 1s operated as the elite armored core. All vehicles have been modernized to keep up in this modern world.

Vehicle Fleet

Vehicles Type In Inventory On Order Notes
Chieftain Mk.5 Main battle tank 80 0 Order Cancelled, purchasing Challenger 2s
Challenger 2 ATDU Main battle tank 30 500 Mainline MBT
Scorpion Light Tank 50 30
M109A5 SPG 10 30
Insurgent LAPV 100 200
Punisher MRAP 2,000 5,000 In-house Design
F-150 Pickup truck 300 0

GDS's logo

Wyvern Aerospace Solutions

GG's Primary Air power, they are also in control of one of the largest private cargo fleets. WAS has 2,000 pilots, with their front line fighter being the legendary F-14 tomcat and the primary bombers being the B-1 Lancers. Both Aircraft have been heavily modernized and can go toe to toe with most modern fighters.

Currently, Wyvern is planning to expand their Bombardment Wing's strength. WAS is planning on acquiring the B-36 Peacemaker from GHI as their Primary Mainline Bomber. Additionally, they'll begin adding A-10s to the inventory roster to bolster their numbers.

Cargo Fleet

Wyvern currently operates one of the Largest private military cargo fleets in the world, allowing the company to project power faster and in greater numbers than before.

Aircraft Type Delivered On Order Notes
C-130 Airlifter 150 0
C-17 Airlifter 30 0
C-5 Heavy Airlifter 10 0
An-22 Airlifter 12 0
An-225 Heavy Airlifter 3 0

Combat Fleet

Along with the Cargo fleet, Wyvern also operates a diverse fleet of combat aircraft. Most being primarily swing wing designs such as the B-1 Lancer and the F-14 tomcat. The Company is expected to begin phasing the F-14 out of mainline service with newer and updated Mig-29s and Su-27 Aircraft. Most tomcats will either be sold off to foreign buyers of be placed into Reserve. Wyvern is also planning to supplement the Lancer with a cheaper and more conventional bomber to help decrease operating costs and lower the pressure on the bombardment fleet.

Aircraft Type Delivered On Order Notes
Project 226 Goblin Gunship Transport N/A 150 [CLASSIFIED]
Project 376 'Sparrow' Multi-Role N/A 350 [CLASSIFIED]
A-10M Stealth Ground Attack 20 100 Updated version of the A-10 Warthog with stealthier profile and updated avionics and engines.
F-14 Multi-role 850 0 Mainline fighter. To be phased out of mainline service by Mig-29 and Su-27 Fighters.
Mig-29 Multi-role 27 700 20 Acquired via Ukraine, rest will be manufactured In-house and modified.
Su-27M Air Superiority 0 400 In process of Acquisition, will replace F-14 in mainline service.
A-10 Ground Attack 10 80 Plans to acquire older Air frames from US Air Force.
B-1C Bomber 12 20 In-house Production


As of 2017, Wyvern has 6 Projects in the works and plans to unveil them in the Q4 2018 Keynote. The Projects include a New Carrier based fighter, evolution of the current US CAS platform, as well as a few new Helicopter/Vtol Designs.

Dragon Naval Solutions - Wet Navy

DNS is one of the Newest Divisions of the Gecko Group, with their primary role to provide Naval Support to the Company's clients. Their secondary role being to protect Pacific Shipping routes from the US to Asia. Lately the Fleet has begun to expand their offensive capabilities, with the corporation beginning to produce ships from Dragon city and Hunter's point

Combat Fleet

Ship Class Type Number Fleet Assignments Home Port Status
GNS-Leviathan Oscar-IIc Guided Missile Submarine SSGN-001 Alaskan Fleet Dragon City, AK Active
GNS-Behemoth Oscar-IIc Guided Missile Submarine SSGN-002 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Fitting out
GNS-Retribution Oscar-IIc Guided Missile Submarine SSGN-003 San Francisco Fleet Hunter's Point, CA Keel Laid
GNS-Endurance Oscar-IIc Guided Missile Submarine SSGN-004 San Francisco Fleet Hunter's Point, CA Keel Laid
Project No. 004 Los Angeles Flight IV Attack Submarine SSN-001 Alaskan Fleet Dragon City, AK Ordered
Project No. 005 Los Angeles Flight IV Attack Submarine SSN-002 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Ordered
Project No. 006 Los Angeles Flight IV Attack Submarine SSN-003 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Ordered
Project No.007 Wasp Flight II Amphibious Assault Ship LHD-001 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Ordered
Project No.008 Kirov Flight II Battlecruiser BCGN-001 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Ordered
Project No.009 Kirov Flight II Battlecruiser BCGN-002 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Ordered
Project No.010 Kirov Flight II Battlecruiser BCGN-003 Alaskan Fleet Ordered

Auxiliary/Support Ships

Ship Class Type Number Fleet Assignments Homeport Status
GNS-Relief Boris Chilikin Replenishment Oiler AOR-001 Alaskan Fleet Dragon Ridge, AK Active
GNS-Resolute Boris Chilikin Replenishment Oiler AOR-002 Alaskan Fleet Dragon Ridge, AK Overhaul
GNS-Spirit Boris Chilikin Replenishment Oiler AOR-003 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Active
GNS-Bounty Dubna Replenishment Oiler AOR-004 High Seas Pacific Fleet Kona, HI Active
GNS-Aurora Dubna Replenishment Oiler AOR-005 San Francisco Fleet Hunter's Point, CA Active

Miscellaneous Subsidiaries

Gecko Financial Division - Financial

GFD is the finance branch of the company, they manage the company's finances, as well as operate numerous bank branches across the United States and Asia.

Gecko Architecture Division

Gecko Architecture is responsible for the designing and engineering of structures built and operated by the company. Currently GAD is working on a Massive project up in Anchorage Alaska.

Gecko Environment Solutions

Komodo Arms Company - Arms Manufacturer

Komodo serves as the company's primary Arms Manufacturer, with the Staple weapon being the Mk-1 Carbine, a Carbine heavily influenced by the KRISS Vector. Currently the company is in development of a new Caseless cartridge and a family of weapons build around this cartridge.

Hydra Information Security & Services

The Intelligence Gathering & cybersecurity branch of the company. They offer Surveillance and Cyber security to the public, but behing closed doors, they serve as the Group's Espionage branch. Fielding an army of spies and hackers to protect many of their assets, as well a provide some spy on rival companies.

3 other Subsidiaries

Security Clearance

The Gecko Group has many rivals and enemies, as such Gecko keeps a well detailed Employee Database with various privileges and clearances to prevent malicious attacks on Gecko Facilities

Security Clearances

-Level 1 is reserved for Gecko Executives, Military Flag Officers, and other VIPs.

-Level 2 is reserved for R&D and High Security Areas

-Level 3 is military Personnel or civilians with employment that requires it.

-Level 4 is reserved for civilian workers who work directly for Gecko

-Level 5 is for family members and vendors, Its the Basic Gecko ID

-There is also Visitor Passes and Press Passes but those are very limited.

Where they are Applicable

-Residential and Commercial Area's require a Basic Gecko Employee ID or Family ID

-The Factory and Airports Requires limited background check and a Level 4 Clearence.

-Military Instilations like the Simulation dome, the Airforce Base, and Naval Dockyards Require Level 3 and up

-R&D Sections, parts of the server farm require Level 2 & up

-Secure Locations like the Servers, the top floors of gecko tower, and access to certain sensitive information require Level 1 Security Clearance.


The Gecko Group has multiple holdings across the United States as well as a couple over seas properties.

United states:

Dragon City, Alaska:

The Gecko Group's largest Property in the US, located across the bay from Anchorage, Alaska, the Facility is spread across 20 sq miles of land. The City is the Newest property the company owns and is also one of the most secure in the nation. The List of Facilities are:

-8 Lane Shipyard

-World class Shipping facility

-2 Million Sq foot Factory

-3 Sky Scrapers

-2 Major airports and airbases.

-250,000 sq foot underground Server Farm.

-2km x 4km Simulation dome for advanced training

-Enough residential and commercial space to house and employ 500,000 employees.

Personnel and Equipment are being relocated from Washington up to Alaska to help relieve the traffic from Gecko Airfield.

Bellevue Office, Washington

Gecko's long time office since 1976, the tower is located in the center of Bellevue, Washington. The Office experienced a lapse in security back in 2014 which resulted the death of the at the time the current CEO, which spurred the Construction of Dragon City. Currently the Building is now in the process of being emptied out after talks with the city on keeping the jobs in the area and being moved up to Alaska.

Gecko Airfield, Washington

Gecko's current airfield, the facility houses most of Gecko's Air Force. Most Air Units are being relocated to Dragon city to help relieve Congestion on the rather small Airport.

Hunters Point Naval Yard, San Francisco

Gecko Group's San Francisco Fleet is based here, the Facility had been cleaned of the Asbestos in the area and reconverted to a Naval Resupply and Repair Yard as well as the Regional HQ for the SF Fleet.

Kona Naval Base, Hawaii (Pending)


Gecko Group Asset Vault 001, [CLASSIFIED]

Accumulated Wealth from the years of being Active, Gecko has amassed a large collection of valuable metals, such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum and stored it a Custom Build Vault. The Facility is located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains with only the Lee and Armstrong Family heads who know where the exact location of the Vault. It is estimated the Vault contains over 30,000 tons of valuable metals as well as some priceless artifacts.