Filii Caesar (FC) is a large insurgent force created during the ideological subversion by the Eastern Roman Republic

(ERR). The ERR has been conducting ideological subversion in the near by Balkan/Eastern European states in hopes to start unrest and resistance against them - the group formed when many citizens of these near states heard the call from the ERR and their message to bare arms against the inferior enemies of civilization. However, the group's roots can be traced back to the Roman Separatist Movement where more extremists of the Roman uprising went to fight against the Turks. Since, the group has been quiet, however showing sighs of involvement in few conflicts that have been involved with the ERR.

The group has a main HQ in Romania and gives orders to other pockets of FC forces in the different influenced zones. These zones include; Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria - the activity of each zones varies due to different operational activities.

History & Conflicts

The FC was formed in the wake of the Roman Separatist Movement, consisting of the most radical and extreme parts of the Latin world, and the beliefs that followed. They take the ideology of the Liber to the utmost extreme following in the footsteps of the times of the Roman Empire and their ethnocentric ideals.

This was shown in the Roman Separatist Movement where many of the FC would commit acts of war crimes; mass graves, crucifying POW's, and using illegal weapons of war - such as gases, etc. Because of the extreme element of the group, the main NRP tried to distance itself from the group - trying to stay a legitimate political movement, however many rumors suggest the group and NRP collaborate and keep a beneficial alliance.

Roman Separatist Movement (1992 - 1996)

During the Roman Separatist Movement, the FC and the NRP fell under one banner at the time, fighting the oppressive Turkish state that had kept an iron fist on the Latin people of Northern Turkey. However, during 1994, a group of fighters seemed to be more than the movement bargained for, they were Roma Invictius extremists - trying to revive the extreme ideology of Romancentroism. The idea of Rome and it's beliefs come first, and other cultures and religions were deemed inferior and a threat and if the people did not summit they would be eliminated, this grew the divided between the two groups and eventually led to the split of the NRP and FC.

The FC kept fighting a brutal war against the Turks while the NRP fought still with brutality but did not commit as many or severe war crimes. Near the end of the war, the fighting by the NRP and Turks died down for talks, however the FC still fought on - committing the same brutal war crimes. The FC in the region settled down after the NRP gained a independent ERR, although some cells kept fighting - which led to infighting in the FC.

This led to years of silence from the group as the command structure of the group was paralyzed till the late 2000's when the FC emerged as a singular group, and radical as ever. But, the group spread into different regions, such as the Balkans and other surrounding states - which made the region unsettled when the news was released about the emerged FC.

Red Movement Uprising (2016)

During the Red Uprising in the ERR capital in the spring of 2016, it was clear the ERR was facing a huge threat to their state and bliefs. As liberal groups in the country tried to gain more liberty and a government change to bring abount a more liberal "Progressive" government. This did not sit well with the NRP and sent out their S.P.U forces to crush the uprising.

The protests turned extremely violent and the liberal forces began to target civilians and other non-combat personnel, after the first hours, the reserve Legions were called in to deal with the uprising and exterminate the liberal insurrection. However, the liberals putting up a difficult fight and attacking innocents caused the FC to send forces to the capital - dressed as FC sympathizers, they were responsible for mass killings of families that had ties to the liberal insurgents, killing many liberal forces and their families grew to much for the liberals rebelling and tried to stand down. But the FC and the ERR State Security hunted the last of the insurgents down, and even gave the last three to the ERRSS to be crucified in the main square of the city.

The FC since disappeared and have not been active in any conflict since. The fighters in the city were not identified and non were taken into custody by ERR internal affairs.


The objective of the FC is to create a "Romanized" state in Europe, one that follows their Romancenteric views of the extreme Romanization ideology. This is the main priority for the group, which is seen as a threat to many in the western world - however the group will use any means to achieve this goal; guerrilla warfare, unconventional weapons, fear mongering, political sabotage, etc.

An unofficial objective would also try and reunite with the ERR state or become a puppet state to the ERR regime but this is unlikely, due to the distance the ERR must put towards the FC.

Ideology & Beliefs:

Influential Zones:











Equipment List:


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