Formerly defectors of the short lived "Bastion Incorperated"  gathered and banded together with  a group of assorted Scottish Highlander mercenaries, to form a small conglomerate to later rebuild from the collapse of Bastion.
D1 trainstation 040003

The standard infantry


"As the shrouded leader commands his brothers to battle" 

the man's identity is still in a shroud, all that is known is that he was a high ranking original bastion defector. The masked guerillas fighters were formelry bastion elites, only few of them remain, the rest have gone MIA

The Troops

While on their journey to meet with the Highlanders, the "Originals" were given documents from an anonymous source, leading to an empty vault[classified location.] deep underneath the mountains. the  anonymous sender left a note " we have left the remains of the faclity up to your discretion." when it was discovered it turned out it was an abandoned cloning/training station from the cold war era. it was later renovated and revived to serve as the main resource of the frontlines infantry. 

The Highlanders joined early on, they were mercenaries formerly of the scottish black watch birgade and were hungry for blood, they knew they would get back to it if they rallied alongside the originals.

Gm construct0104

Highland Scotts(scouting Elites)


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