The Eurasian Pact is an alliance of nations, formed in the Summer of 2017, in response to the E.R.R leaving the CSN and the consideration of allying with two near by nations, namely Bavaria and Kasmar.

It acts like any other Alliance, except for the fact it prides itself on being a pact based on equality. At the discussion table you are given just as much attention as any other nation in the Pact, even if you have a massive military or a large economy. Every nation needs each other and must work together to survive.

The rules are simple. Help each other, protect each other, support each other. Every nation must assist in defending a member nation if the nation is attacked, wether it be by sending troops or air support or any other form of military assistance. This does not apply to wars started by said nations (i.e the war in Turkey) however help is appreciated.

Each nation must make agreements that will benefit every country economically, such as discounts or low/no tarrifs. If a country is poor it will receive assistance via a monetary fund.

Members (Current)

  • Democratic Republic of Kasmar
  • Eastern Roman Republic
  • Republic of Sumatra
  • Union of Bavaria

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