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It is the near future. Mankind is flourishing, with dozens of advancements in science, medicine and technology. In this time of prosperity, numerous corporations, private military companies and other organizations have begun to rise with a variety of different goals; enforcing order, turning a profit, spreading their ideals, or even world domination. As factions attempt to complete their ultimate missions and achieve dominance over all others, they are thrown into a web of espionage, alliances, betrayals, and even all-out war.

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Espionage Wars is a forum based game hosted on was hosted on where different players and their factions interact and battle with one another, shown via poses in Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker. This wiki contains a wealth of information to both old and new players, with useful items such as information on the different factions, game rules, world events, guides on creating a faction of your own and more.

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