The Empire of Quebec, or officially the Roman Empire of Quebec, is a fascist and romanized country formed out of the Canadian province of Quebec in 1997. Like other romanized countries, the Empire of Quebec intends to spread its beliefs onto other nations.


In 1990, the Canadian province of Quebec was split between the idea of idea of independece from Canada as its own nation or staying as a province. It was evident there were small pockets of people who wished to become free and start their own nation out of Quebec. And so, a young "Roman" extremist by the name of Johnathan Bronson was able to round up those small pockets of people together into one, single party: the Roman Party of Quebec; with Bronson as the leader. After seven years of political tension between the party and the Canadian Government, the nation of Quebec was divided between the party and the Canadian government. And so, a nation was formed out of Southern Quebec. With Bronson as the leader of the RPQ, the small nation was named the Empire of Quebec, and a fascist-roman government was installed.


The Military of the Empire is united under the name of the Imperial Armed Forces which is divided into three branches: the Imperial Army, the Imperial Air Force, the Imperial Navy. Each branch have their own units, which will be listed below.

Imperial Army

Legionnaire: The most common unit in the Army, a Legionnaire is anyone who is a infantryman, crewman or anything such. Legionnaires also have sub-ranks, which are standard ranks. The highest rank a Legionnaire can be is a Warrant Officer.

Centurion: A centurion is anyone who is a field officer. Like Legionnaires, Centurions have sub-ranks. The highest rank a Centurion can be is a Field Marshal.

Praetorian: A Praetorian is a specialized Legionnaire, tasked with the utmost protection and security of high ranking officials and VIPs of the Empire. Praetorians have no sub-ranks, aside from that of the rank of Praetorian Officer.

Imperial Air Force


Imperial Navy


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