Edyrem Stones aka "MLC" is a co-leader of Grey Storm and leader of Grey Storm Public Safety. Edyrem is known to have the potential skill of close quarters combat during the years he spent at the marines. He was once a one man soldier when the first war began in late March, until he started to collaborate with other several factions and soldiers to get pass his obstacles by the enemies' frontlines.

Early Years


Edyrem in his marine outfit

 Edyrem Stones was a private industrialist and system programmer. On May 10, 2000, Xanatoast, faction leader of NWA, requested Edyrem to create an energy core in his base, not so much information was given, but Edyrem agreed to do so. Few years later, the energy is complete; Xanatoast was impressed by Edyrem’s work and greatly welcomed him to the team. Sadly, Xanatoast stole Edyrem’s energy core blueprint and created a weapon of mass destruction with the core inside, he wanted to destroy the lives of Facepunch and take over. Edyrem was furious, he angrilydisapprove Xanatoast’s plan so Edyrem tackled Xanatoast onto the ground and took the weapon away from him. Xanatoast attempted to stop Edyrem, but he refused and threw the weapon into the energy core, causing the base to blow up. A day afterward, Edyrem was found to be alive. He walked down the road, limping, while being covered in scars, a moment later, he fainted due to exhaustion.

Edyrem woke up in an operation room, looking out the window, he figured out he was in a spaceship. He looked around the area, seeing that there are a lot of female assistants and they all look alike. Next to him was a strange green man, wearing a gray ski mask, with blue and red eyes with yellow halo over the iris. His name was Greyman. Edyrem was told that Greyman found him in the middle of the road while he was lurking for his diamond cane. Greyman fixed up Edyrem’s scars and install a few devices in his body to improve his mobility and strength. Greyman welcomed him to his faction, Grey Storm, with recruiting members, Korro Bravin and Kali’Aryanna.

Few years later, Edyrem was informed to go to the marines; he left Grey Storm and never came back. During the war, Edyrem was in the middle of the firefight, until a grenade flew towards to Edyrem, leading it to explode right in front of Edyrem’s face. Edyrem was rushed into the medical center, to heal his scars and stopping him from bleeding. After Edyrem left the hospital, he was self-conscious about his appearance, so he created himself a gasmask to cover his head for his entire life.

Edyrem was on his own after he left the marines, he fought his way through many types of factions: ATLAS, S.T.O.R.M, Dvader & None, and many more. He met up with McTbone and Tbonia, helping Edyrem to get through his obstacles. Later, he found Korro at the temple during the snowy morning, both Edyrem and Korro surpassed ATLAS, avoiding getting capture with the help of Tbonia. They transported to Italy with suits, trying to fit in with the environment, and then again, they both escaped to New York City. In the tunnel, Korro and Edyrem were ambushed by a figure whom only has three fingers. Edyrem found out it was Kali before he nearly stabbed her in the face. All three members reunited together as Grey Storm, their operation Bitch Hunt was to find the leader, Greyman. The trio finally located where Greyman was at, Crook County Police Department. The trio finally found Greyman, bringing the group back, Grey Storm.

2012 - Late 2012


Edyrem in his ATP Operator uniform

 Since Grey Storm became inactive lately, Edyrem thought it'll be better for himself to take a break from his group and rendezvous with another faction, Accelerated Training Program. ATP looked over Edyrem for a while, to see if he was worthy to help out his faction, and he successfully was. ATP welcomed Edyrem to the group and made him the Head of ATP Special Operations Group.

 Edyrem heard rumors about the Grey Storm becoming active, once again. Edyrem thought it'll be best for him to go back to his old faction, however it'll cause a lot of trouble because he realizes both ATP and Grey Storm are enemies.



Edyrem Stones' now augmented with his GSPS rig

 In the early year of 2013, Edyrem left his secondary faction, ATP, due to the betrayal from the ATP Special Operations Group. Edyrem was on his own once again, however, he wanted to reunite with his old unit, Grey Storm. Greyman disapprove this because Edyrem left the group again without any confirmation and felt bretrayed. Edyrem was being stalked by a couple of female androids that he have never seen. After fighting his way through the robots, he found out that they were created by Grey Storm. He figured that Grey Storm had advanced their techonologies with the help of Korro.

Edyrem asked Tbone for his company, helping Edyrem find Greyman. Couple months later, both Edyrem and Tbone found information about Grey Storm, figuring out that their base is now in outer space. With Tbonia's improved technologies, Edyrem was able to access one of their prototype space ships.  

Edyrem arrived the base, sneaking his way through Greyman's office. Edyrem confronted Greyman, requesting to join Greyman's faction again. An android jumped right infront of Edyrem, who looks really familiar. It was actually Korro as a female android named Korra. Edyrem fought Korra in Greyman's office, while Greyman is sitting at his desk thinking about Edyrem applying the group again. Korra finally knocked out Edyrem after their battle royale, taking his unconscious body to the operating room.

Edyrem woke up on the lab's operating bed, seeing Greyman standing right next to him. Greyman informed Edyrem that he's in the team once again, however, he won't be if Edyrem decides to leave for another faction. Edyrem started to feel different, a bit heavy and stiff. Edyrem walks toward the mirror, seeing his whole body modified as a robot. All part of his body are augmented, improved strength and armor. Edyrem took role as both co-leader of Grey Storm and leader of the Grey Storm Public Safety. 

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