The Dostoevsky Merc Force is a private military company consisting of mercenaries created for the Facepunch Espionage Wars thread. The armed forces are comprised of a variety of units and vehicles designed to deal with multiple different types of scenarios, although mainly geared towards urban combat. The company has personnel trained in scouting and reconnaissance, piloting, driving, heavy weapons, assault firearms, experimental weapons development, and engineering.



Mercenary Soldier

The mercenary soldier is the standard grunt for the Merc force. They often sport light equipment such as ammo pouches, combat knifes, and water canteens. Their standard combat armor is composed of a urban ca
2012-08-14 00007

Standard Merc soldier holding Barret 50 cal.

mouflage metal chestplate and shoulder pads, and urban camo combat uniforms and boots underneath. Seargents and low ranking officers sport heavy armor designed to deflect a majority of incoming projectiles. Weapons commonly used by the Merc soldiers include ACRs, M4A1 assault carbines, Glock 17 sidearms, and Barret 50 Caliber sniper rifles(commonly issued to recon and scouting parties as well). Weapons that are less common but still in use include M72 Law Rocket launchers, .44 magnum(Mostly used by officers as sidearms), and the FN P90 personal defense weapon. A few WIDs(weapons in development) are being field tested by the merc grunts, but they are not seen very often. These include experimental Gauss rifles and directed energy weapons.

Mercenary Heavy Soldiers:

Effectively armored juggernauts, these soldiers can take immense punishment before finally falling. Though the Merc force does not have many at its disposal, those that are deployed can cause much havoc against small enemy forces and be a nuisance for even a large force. Heavy soldiers only carry a few ammo pouches and nothing else due to the amount of armor worn. SAWs (squad automatic weapons) are commonly deployed with these soldiers, though ammo can quickly become a problem if their allies do not carry the required type.

Mercenary Scouts:
2012-09-06 00001

Scout accompanyied by attack hound

These scouts are the eyes and ears of a Mercenary force, often their job is to map out the area of attack before the Soldiers arrive. Scouts also tend to be accompanied by a attack hound. Their weapons of choice include sniper rifles and silenced weapons, anything else compromises their mission effectiveness. Scouts need to stay quiet and as such travel lightly with gear, carrying less armor and supplies then grunts and heavies.


Gaz 2975 multi-purpose military vehicle:

The Merc force has two variants, a transport built for rapid insertion and evac, and an armed variant that is designed for the latter but can also provide support fire with the LMG attached to the roof of the vehicle. This vehicle is not commonly used due to the Merc's base being so far from their combat zones.

IAV Stryker:

The Merc force has procured a few Stryker armored fighting vehicles. These vehicles are armed with a Protector M151 Remote Weapon Station utilizing a 7.62 mm M240 machine gun. The rear of the vehicle can also fit a small amount of mercinary soldiers.

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk transport Helicopter:

The Black Hawk is the primary way of transporting mercenary forces into battle. The Helicopter can carry plenty of gear and fit about 4-5 mercenaries and/or 1-2 heavies. Although some variants of the Black Hawk are armed, the Merc force does not possess any of those.

Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter:

This is the Primary air attack vehicle of the merc force. It Utilizes a nose mounted machine gun and wing mounted missile pods. It is often employed to provide covering fire for ground forces.

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft:

The F-15 is employed for fast attack airstrikes and if the need comes up, to eliminate opposing air forces. These are only launched when a large amount of enemies are nearby and no friendlies are in the area to avoid and friendly fire.

Base of operations:
2012-08-14 00010

DMF base of operations

The Dostoevsky Merc Force base is located on the Iran and Turkmenistan border. Though it looks like a small compound on the outside, the base contains many large underground areas to house the Merc forces assorted assets. Th small topside compound is comprised of a few hangars, a small barracks, a shooting range, and a vehicle depot.

Chain of command:

The chain of command begins with the Leader of the Merc Force, Vladimir Dostoevsky, he is the founder of the Merc Force and acquires the supplies the Merc Force needs with his vast amounts of money. The next in-charge is Dostoevsky's three colonels, they are the military mind of the force and are tasked with troop deployments, planning operations, and base defenses. The officers then follow in the chain as the first of the command structure to be deployed on the field, these personnel manage operations, raids, and assaults from FOBs near the target location. Although armed they are not intended to see direct combat. Sergeants and standard Merc soldiers are the next in the chain are assigned as being the main force of the mercs.

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