History of Kergikstan

Kergikstan was formed in 1995 after breaking away from Kazakhstan after disagreements over mining and oil drilling concessions.The Kergikstani economy grew steadily from the abundance of mineral and oil resources,a decent agricultural sector and local manufacturing of vehicles based on Western and Eastern designs for both military and civilian applications. The Kergikstani Army was involved in the Kergikstani Civil War which resulted in Loyalist Kergikstani forces defeating Pro-Kazakhstani insurgents and military defectors.

Kazakhstan National Anthem - Borat -with lyrics-

Kazakhstan National Anthem - Borat -with lyrics-

A rejected version of the anthem



The official National anthem of kergikstan

The history of the Kergikstani Military

Formed in 1996 as a voluntary defence force made out of civlilians and police officers.It was a militia fighting a barely trained but well-armed group of insurgents intending on dismantling the Kergikstani Government and returning it to Kazakhstani regime.The militia was weak and only had 3000 soldiers and most were poorly trained.Many years after the conflict It was now an capable fighting force when they entered both the Iraqi War and the Invasion of Afghanistan on the Coalition´s side but rapidly pulled out.The armed forces are going through a rapid modernization giving a contract to any company willing to discuss and show their products in order to modernize the army´s increasingly-obsolete soviet equipment.

The Armed Forces of Kergikstan

The Kergikstani Armed Forces have a volunteer-only military for all branches except for the various kergikstani ethnic militias which were disbanded in 2002 after the Civil War.The branches consist of:

Civil Defence/National Guard: The National Guard is a Mediocrely trained and decently equipped reservist force,the Defense Forces guard government buildings alongside the Presidential Guard and some depots and military bases of low importance,the recruitment stands for free entry for anyone from drunkards to petty criminals.The basic requirements are that the person who wants to join to be between the ages of 18-45 and must have a high school degree or higher. The National guard has recently changed equipment and uniform now they often used Kergikstan army older fatigues and armor alongside there lighter equipment, They are issued the AK-101 or FN-FAL Assault Rifles and the Colt M1911 and Makarov PM are the standard firearms but due connections with the Kergikstan National Police,the Impound Depots will sell confiscated firearms to Officers or Soldiers who have the money to pay for them. There were also known for their Poor tactics which they make up for their Brutality against criminals and protesters and rioters.

Infantry:The backbone of the Kergikstani Army,these soldiers are trained by various western advisers and have basic training and a decent salary, Kergikstan soldier recruitment has Stands entry for Citizens only and criminals or atleast the ones that passed their time in low level prisons are often directed to the Civil defence force.As part of the Kergikstan Army's modernization Program,Kergikstan has bought new Modular Body Armor Systems and now issues the AK12 variants,HK-416, and and the M4A1 as the standard-issued rifles.Their standard-issue Handgun is now officially the Glock 18 and the Sig P250 but most officers tend to use the older Colt M1911 and Makarov PM pistols. Kergikstan now issues Modern Colt 1911 for soldiers who need a bigger stopping power,

S.A.T:Stands for Special Actions Teams.They are Kergikstan´s premier Special Forces;it´s squads include SAT Teams 1-10 and they are trained by former Soviet Spestnaz,VDV and KGB operatives.The SAT is divided into divisions:basic Special Forces;Counter-Terrorist Forces;some specialised SWAT units and the Presidential Guard.The Special Operations Forces are armed with either SCAR-H or M4A1 and the issued pistol is SIG P250 or the higher .caliber Desert Eagle.The Presidential Guard of SAT are issued P-90,Spas 12, MP5;the Sidearms are the Glock variants and the SWAT/CT Units are armed with UMP 45,Berretta Px4 Storm and the G36C

Airforce: Kergikstan Air force Established in 2004, After finding old soviet Aircraft's in the Old soviet airbase turned Civilian airport, Kergikstan air force later Established the Kergikstan air force secruity units, The security units were equipped with a Glock 17 as a sidearm and an Ak 12.

Famous and known Divisions and Regiments,ETC. of the kergikstan army (WIP)

1st Infantry division

The first infantry division was Known since its the first division of the army when it was formed in 1996. The division was nicknamed the "Kings of desert warfare" since they fought in iraq and afghanistan. They also house 202nd Mechanized corps, Who famously fought side by side with the American 1st Armoured division. There main base is in Zhumysker

68th Shock battalion

The 68th Shock battalion was established in 2010 when more Slavic kergikstani's started joining the army more as a result the army made 2 battalion's made for Slavic Soldier's serving in kergikstan, The shock battalion are Fast,swift and brutal in combat This was seen in Iraq which had the battalion Massacred both Insurgents and civilians thought of helping the *Muslim degenerates*. There base in the Aytrau, Fort Etik.

Kergikstan Police force

While not military oriented itself kergikstan ministry of war can place the police under the Civil Defence protocol, which makes any essential public service under Military control. The kergikstan police force is also a term for both the metro police and state. Kergikstan police is also known for its Heavily armed appearance and police brutality charges and cases and the fact its hostage situation tactics is to ram an TRU van or BTR 60 into A building. as a normal patrolman is likely to wear a vest at all times. Most officers are armed with Glock 17,21 or the Colt 1911. and if situation goes bad they have an shotgun or Ak 12 in the trunk.

Armored and vehicle fleet

Troop transport and Utility vehicles

  • M151 Jeep (Local copy)
  • MAN KAT1 Truck
  • Kamaz (transportation,fuel and maintenance trucks)
  • Ural (National guard usage, but sometimes use with the army)

Armored Personal vehicles and IFV

  • M2A1 Bradley IFV
  • BTR-80
  • BMP-2 IFV
  • BTR-40 (Used for Riot Control and issued to Military Police )

Main Battle Tanks

  • M60A1 Patton (Retired but in use with National Guard)
  • T-72 (Retired but still in use with the National Guard)
  • Leopard 2A7 MBT


  • ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"


  • BM-21 "Grad"
  • M109A6 "Paladin"

Air force fleet

Cargo and Transportation

  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
  • Lockheed C-130 Hercules
  • Douglas C47 Skytrain (Limited use)

Fixed wing aircrafts

  • MiG-31
  • MIG-21
  • SU-25
  • SU-34
  • MIG-15 (For airshows and used as trainer aircraft)


  • UH-1 Huey
  • Mi-28N
  • Mi-24 (A,D,V Variants)
  • Mi-8AMTSH
  • Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight
  • AH-1Z Viper
  • AH and MH 6 (Light recon and SAT special forces use)

Future and possible aircraft purchases

  • F15
  • V-22 Osprey
  • Ka-52
  • F14D

Equipment and Weapons


  • SIG P250
  • Glock 18
  • Colt M1911 (limited use)
  • Makarov PM (Limited use)
  • Berretta Px4 Storm
  • Kimber warrior (designated K-1911A2)

Assault rifles

  • AK-12
  • AK-101 (limited use in the Army and standard-issue to National Guard)
  • M16A2 (Limited use)
  • M16A4 (Retired)
  • M4A1 (Limited quantites)
  • G36C (SAT SWAT)
  • AKM (Retired)
  • AK-74M (Retired)
  • Hk-416 (Designated as the KR-416)

Battle rifles

  • FN-FAL
  • SCAR-H
  • M14 (Limited Use)

Carbines and SMGs

  • AKS-74U (retired)
  • AK-12U (in use with the Paratrooper Corps)
  • AK-12 Carbine
  • MP5
  • P-90
  • UMP-45

Light Machine guns

  • M60 GPMG
  • M240B (Limited quantities)
  • M249 SAW PARA

DMR and Sniper rifles

  • M40A3
  • M82A1
  • L115
  • M14 (Designated the M15A1 DMR)
  • SCAR-20 (In use with SAT Special forces)
  • HK-417 (Designated the KR-417A1)


  • SPAS-12
  • Benelli M4 Auto-Shotgun
  • Saiga 12K

Rocket Launchers

  • AT-4
  • M72 LAW
  • SA-7 "Grail" MANPADS
  • RPG-7V2


Atyrau HQ: The main military HQ for the whole armed forces of kergikstan. its also the heavist guarded place and its entrance is underground that houses the rest of the HQ.

Council building: The council building is where the president or acting president are to discuss matters with the rest of the ministers.

Uniform Gallery *WIP*

Rifleman standing2

Kergikstan soldier circa Mid 2017

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