Danie Van Der Klooster, a reluctant specialist in both genetic

manipulation and cyborg engineering and development, now works for the Smokkelaars Alliansie. By no means a genius in his field, Dani nevertheless serves as a boon to the Smokkelaars plans; a pawn whose usefulness makes him a rather valuable one in the delicate game of chess that the Alliansie finds itself in.

General Information

Danie Van Der Klooster, Born in 1955, grew up in an apartheid South Africa where he and his family were second class citizens, treated very much to constant harrassment by local law enforcement. Nevertheless, the young Van Der Klooster had access to a good education, mostly provided by foreign tutors. His father, an employee of the South African government, had a steady salary, by no means modest, which helped Van Der Klooster greatly in his formative years. In his teenage years, Der Klooster sought work outside of South Africa's usual job market; he sought a job in genetics, something which, having listened to more than his fair-share of eugenic pseduo-science. Accepted by a relatively unknown genetics company in 1976, Van Der Klooster soon became a useful asset. His work, whilst modest from an over-all perspective, was nevertheless valuable. However, he soon became a thorn in the side of company executives following his heavy criticism of corporate decision and tactics, especially in regards to human testing. In 1978, Van Der Klooster was fired from his job and position after a particularly heated argument with one executive officer. Dejected and thoroughly dissapointed, Danie fell out of the geneticist and cyberneticist limelight and soon became a recluse; a very impoverished recluse at that. Even with the end of apartheid in 1994, the aging Danie had a poor standard of living, only slightly better than his fellow black South African due to his ownership of a dental office. In 2016, he was approached by the Smokkelaars Alliansie, with the offer of employment. Despite his reservations the desperate need for both money and a better standard of living, two needs which could be solved at the same time, forced Danie to accept. Well aware of the cruelty and vile tactics being used by the Smokkelaars, mostly in gathering test subjects off the streets, Danie finds it more suitable to his health to simply grin and bear the terrible situation he finds himself in; lest he end up as one of the test subjects for the Smokkelaars.


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