DACTA (Drug and Contraband Trade Alliance) is a Contraband dealing alliance of Conglomerates, based and operating from North and South America, Including Sweden, Whilst maintaining a strictly run distribution network throughout Europe, It is currently the most well maintained and supplied narcotics, Contraband and other illict material providers.


Founded in 1981 by former US Marine Darren Harland Young, following the boom in Drug production in the US and the former Marines dissmisal from the US Millitary, the Alliance began operations in L.A, operating with numerous Mexican and American cartels, each one being bought out or terminated following the completion of contracts, DACTA also made strives against Banking firms and other Union depositories around the US, before expanding into Europe in 1997.

The Alliance also began employing notorious figures for co-rodinating its movements at a better rate, using both former Millitary, Ex-Spec Ops and even fellow criminals, to improve its buisness and rate of improvement and expansion.



The backbone of DACTA's numerous vagabonds and hired guns, the Thugs are utilised as insurance against possible awry deals with disgruntled 'consumer bases', using a range of firearms, and being strictly monitored and tested to check for 'defects' in the newly hired Thug, the units are incorporated in numerous operations, Guard details and assaults.


The Cook is used for the creation of narcotics and other illegal substances, using there experiances from past employments (ussually in opposite crime cartels), the cooks are able to produce any Narcotic that is 'the Rage' of the time at short notice, using numerous substances to acomplish there goals, alonsgide being trained in Basic combat skills.


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