The Cobalt Corps, 1st Infantry Division, are the main ground forces of the Cobalt Corps.

The Cobalt Corps, 23rd Elysian Airborne Regiment, are known for their rapid deployment capabilities using Airborne Troop Carriers called Valkyries, and deploy by rappelling or HALO jumping from high altitudes. The Airborne Corps' are able to deep strike into enemy territory, and so are unable to field any heavy ground vehicles during missions.


Cobalt Corps started out as Cobalt Industries in the 1970s, a research-and-developemnt company. Eventually, after creating prototypes for armor and small arms, they recieved contracts from various PMC groups and Government military; they then delved into manufactoring. As the "espionage" wars increased in hostility, so did the need for arms, armor and vehicles. Cobalt Industries' made quite a profit, and eventually started recruiting for organization now known as the "Cobalt Corps", an infantry division sized private military group within the company.

The ranking structure of the Cobalt Corps is essentially the same as the United States Army; fielding "enlisted" as the main forces, warrant officers as flight crew, and officers as logistical support.

The Global Reporting Network , or GRN, was founded by <redacted>, a Cobalt Industries excecutive, in August of 1977.

Troop Types

Shock Troopers

Combat Engineers

Special Operations

Military Police

Flight Crew


Valkyrie Airborne Assault Carrier

Cobalt Corps' modified Leopard 2

Cobalt Corps' modified HMMWV


Modified Steyr Aug rifles

Kel-Tec RFB

Kel-Tec KSG

Sig Sauer 516 series rifles

Sig Sauer P226

FN P90

FN Five-SeveN

Barrett M107A1

Corps' Industries Light Anti-Vehicle Rail Rifle


Standard radio and individual communications equipment

Standard plate carrier

Heads Up Display eye-protection

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