The Eurasian Coalition was a political, military and economical alliance between 5 countries which was created in the year 2016, 9th of June. The alliance consisted of 5 countries: Grand Duchy of Samogitia, Tsardom of VolhyniaEastern Roman Republic (founding members) and the newer members, Reichstadt and Democratic Republic of Kergikstan.   

Grodno Accord

Grodno accord

Grodno Accord was document that created coalition

The Grodno Accord is founding treaty of Coalition. Grodno. Accord has the following policies in place which are: 

  • Open borders between coalition members.
  • Mutual defense against threats both external and internal.
  • Military Cooperation between Coalition members armed forces, including joint military exercises.
  • Trade between coalition members states.

Military Engagement involving CSN

Second Bosnian war

The CSN reports claim that government of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for staging and funding The Red Movement against the ERR. The ERR considered this action as a act of war, in result war was declared against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Turkey - CSN war

The conflict which started after Turkish navy destroyed several ERR's merchant ships in its own territorial waters. Few days after this event, ERR declared war against Turkey, which other CSN members shortly joined.


Following the major disagreements between GDS and ERR, the alliance was left without a major member as ERR decided to suspend their membership to protest attempts by GDS to become a leader figure in the council. Several months later GDS has decided to completely dissolve CSN as most of previous members either defected to Eurasian Pact or proclaimed that the alliance in it's current form is too unstable and useless.