Central Pact

The Central Pact is a military, political, and trade coalition formed in the Spring of 2016 by the three nations of Tchvonian People's Republic, Kuril Republic, and Boliverian Republic. The goals of the Central Pact are to maintain peace and stability in their parts of the world and to ensure that Private Military Companies that have too much control are put under the boot and extinguished from power. The Central Pact was disbanded at the start of 2018 after a long period of decay.

Standing Members of the Central Pact

The Central Pact currently has several members, hazing is a trial process as they do not have room for any wild/unpredictable factions and PMCs are forbidden. As the Pact was disbanded at the start of 2018, there are no standing members.

Founding Members (Winter-Spring 2016)

Members Post-Foundation (>March 2016)


So far the Central Pact hasn't had a long history like the nations founding it have had, the most that has been accomplished by the Pact so far have been defensive operations on the Tbonian border in Siberia against the Tunguskan Khanate.

Recently members of the Central Pact have begun funding the Firebrand Confederacy with weapons, equipment, and vehicles in their global struggle against PMCs and Corporate Militaries. To ensure total support, the Firebrand Confederacy was offered a position in the Central Pact to which they gladly accepted.

Kingston Summit

The Kingston Summit is a yearly assembly between standing members of the Central Pact in Kingston, Jamaica. This summit is on a fixed date but during times of great importance is can be called to order on an emergency date. Tbonia has purchased a large convention complex in Kingston to overhaul and bring up to code while also keeping a Special Forces unit stationed on the property at all times.