Major Carl 'Redeye' Blackburn is a veteran operative for Blackforce Corporation. Originating from the United States Army Special Forces - 'Green Berets', Redeye joined Blackforce in 2003, after finding out his old friend John 'Cobra' Davidson had joined Blackforce after his discharge from the service.

Once joining, Redeye served under his friend in Task Force: Venom until 2010, when he decided to take some time off the front lines. From then until late 2015, Redeye would work with Blackforce's Security Division until he was ready to return to front-line work.

In January 2016, after meeting Finnish operative Patrik 'Titan' Sibelius, that he would help form Task Force: Törni, with 'Redeye' to act as the unit's Second in Command.

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