PMC "Boar"

PMC "Boar"- a commercial enterprise offering specialized services related to the preservation, protection (defense) anyone and anything, often with the participation in military conflicts and intelligence gathering, strategic planning, logistics and business

Founder- Dolphin


  • Armed escort and protection of ships from pirates
  • clearance of minefields and destruction of unexploded ordnance
  • services military interpreters
  • training the personnel of the government of the armed forces, the police and other security forces
  • the protection of oil fields and pipelines
  • protection of objects, including the crucial and strategic importance
  • The attack on the strategically important objects.


1st battalion Vikings

1st battalion "Vikings"

2,000 Fighters

Commander -Dolphin

3,000 Fighters

Commander- Leonid

  • 3st battalion "Buffalo"

5,000 Fighters

Commander- Saigon


In the development of



GAZ Tigr

The auto is a special operations

V-22 Osprey

KA-60 Kasatka




Iraq, Kuwait-Base of operations "Vepr"

Krasnodar- The Headquartes of the "Bear"

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