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Blue Moon International (B.M.I) is a paramilitary company originating from and currently based out of Poland. B.M.I Specializes in urban combat and assaulting urban environments.


Founding (1939)

Founded during the Nazi occupation of Poland under the name Blue Moon Resistance. The resistance group specialized in using hit and run tactics to attack and destroy convoys carrying military equipment and supplies.

Communism (1950-1991)

After World War 2 the resistance group broke up and returned to their normal lives. But after five years under the iron fist of the U.S.S.R the group was reformed with the expressed goal to free Poland from the U.S.S.R and hold free elections. During the beginning political protests replaced the lightning assaults previously used by the group. But from around the 70s onward Blue Moon conducted raids and attacks on Soviet airbases in the region capturing equipment and weapons to further their cause. After semi-free elections where held in 1989 the group ceased all military operations, latter in 1991 the first completely free parliamentary elections where held in Poland and over 80% of Blue Moon personnel left and returned to there normal lives.

Business As Usual (1991-2000)

In 1991 the few remaining members of the group decided to use their  fighting experience to reinvent Blue Moon into a paramilitary group and renamed themselves to something a bit more suited to the world stage, Blue Moon International. They contracted themselves out to whomever would pay them, caring little about the morality or the politics of the situation. In 2000 the group mysteriously disappeared, giving away and pawning off their open contracts to other nations or PMCs.

Future (2010-Present)

After their ten year hiatus B.M.I has returned.


B.M.I uses vehicles and equipment from all over the world, mainly of American or Russian origin.

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