The Bio-hazardous Containment Militia (BCM) was formed in 1998 by General John Wilson and Dr. Wallace Landers. They specialize in containing and controlling biological hazards. Orginally just formed from a few scientists and badly trained combat person, they were granted the title Militia, but after years of progress and devlopment the BCM is now a full scale Private Military Company.


May 27th, 1998 - General John Wilson was in charge of the U.S. 19th Division which was lead into the downtown of a American city. Reports have told the goverment that there was a full scale riot from paniced people. 19th Division soon learned a deadly disease had broken out through out the down and people wanted to leave before contracting it. The longer the disease went on the more paniced people became. After a few days the 19th Division was un-able to control the crowds peacefully and had to end out terminating many civilian lifes that were attacking and killing military officers. The 19th Division pulled out of the downtown, downtown then was bombed by U.S. forces.

June 2nd, 1998 - F.E.M.A scientist Dr. Wallace Landers who worked closely with General John Wilson during the downtown incident quit his job at F.E.M.A, he then reunited with General John Wilsion and conviced him to start a Militia with him to stop these dieases reapeting the downtown incident. General John Wilsion quit the Army and encourage some of his vetran friends to help with the combat of the Militia. Dr. Wallace Landers also got some F.E.M.A scientists to join him aswell for the scientific part of the Militia. On June 2nd 1998, the Bio-hazadours Containment Militia was formed.

September 15th, 2000 - Bio-hazadours Containment Militia, now boasting 1000 members moved to a larger building in Sydney Australia. The reason they picked Australia is un-know. The BCM was granted a Private Military Liscense when they moved to Australia, so they were no longer a Militia. Even though this happened, their name is still called Bio-hazadours Containment Militia.

May 14th-16th, 2012 - BMC now containing around 10 000 members was sent on it's first full scale mission in New York. Teams were sent to a isloated apartment block which was quratined by the local police department. Teams went inside the building and found many rotten, dead boddies on the floor. They then met the only survivors sitting in a room wearing face masks. They explained that on of the tennants had gotten a modifed version of the Bird Flu while travelling around the world. This version killed very fast and also had a high infectivity rate. Teams tested the survivors for the disease and they were found clear of it, and were remove from the building. The next day the building was burnt down to prevent the spread of the disease any further. The day after that New York was destroyed by Towerlight.

April 11th, 2014 (Current year) - BMC returns after 2 years of inactivity.


Scientific Division
Working in the labs of B.C.M, these scientists produce, control and manipulate virus & bacterias. Working on cures or developing biological weapons, this division is always busy working the behind the scenes. The scientific division is also proud of it's work on the Chemical Suits used to deployment to Bio-hazardous situations.
Bio-hazardous Task Force

Sent to combat tricky and Bio-hazardous situations, these men are armed with the latest & safest bio-hazardous protection suits. They are also armed with basic assault rifles and have received credit training.
Combat Task Force
Sent to places more focused on shooting people then containment, these people are armed with the latest weapons and armor. Having received advanced training in Combat and Tactics, these highly skilled men are B.C.M's strongest weapon.
Basic Military Force
These men and women are people who have received basic training in combat. They are sent to places where containment and combat isn't complicated or difficult. These forces are the back-bone or basic unit of B.C.M.

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