The Asgaardian Sovereignity is a minor state that broke off from the country of Sweden after their former PMC organizations, the Asguardian Security Firm, leader decided that they were not fit to be ruled over, even as hired mercenaries. Now living on the over taken country Greenland, renamed Asgaard, they seek to conquer the North; Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and turn them to Odins Truth, their Pagan religion based on old Asa beliefs.

Though, they reach their hands to even the furthest reaches of the world, as small cells have stayed in old Outposts around Asia and America.

History summary

Asguardian Security Firm

Formed in 1977, Norrköping, Sweden, the firm started as a minor security guard loaning company. They quickly grew in popularity with the residents for their good effor in keeping them safe, leading to many new recruits and to a slight change in buissness: War. In the 80's, during the Afghan War, a great demand of Mercenaries was on the rise, leading to security guards turning in to soldiers of fortune. With great demand came great profit aswell and as always, with great profit comes great opportunities. Experimental Weapons and armour was tested by the Asguardian Security Firm, which later led to the fully tested and fully operational Asgaardian Mark Five "Thor" armour they wear to this day.

The 2100s

With many other PMCs and agencies on the rise, the Asguaridan Security Firm took a step forward to join them, to break free aswell. Now the size of a small nation, they broke off all contact with the Swedish government, who now was hiring them for work in Iraq at the time, and took of to the Island of Greenland. After cutting off all communcation with the world for the Greenland population, a campaign of conquering was started. Taking 5 years, the year of 2012, they finally established a new nation: The Asgaardian Sovereignity. During all the years, they developed a new kind of weaponry, using technology both stolen and recieved by employers.

The laser was fashioned in to a fully functional weapon. Different energy outputs caused similar effects to those of Carbines, Rifles and Sniper Rifles. The weapons proved extremely effective when fighting off the small army that Greenland had and easily went through the lightly armoured vehicles they had.

Unit summary


Two Ascending recruits. The left one is armed with a carbine and the right one with a pistol.


Also called Pups by the veterans, these are the newly joined soldiers of the Sovereignity. They are armed with Vulf pattern Carbines and Pistols, aswell as combat bayonets.


Two Ascended guardsmen armed with a lasgun and a laspistol.


Soldiers of the Sovereignity, armed with Mjolnir pattern Rifles and Vulf pattern Pistols, aswell as combat bayonets.


A Transcended guardsman holding his Gundlar pattern lasgun ready.


The shock troopers of the Sovereignity, they lead the attack in experimental Asgaardian Mark 6 armour, yet to be named. Armed with personalized Mjolnir Rifles, Vulf Pistols and combat bayonets.


A Faceless posing.


Always masked after a pledge of trust and blood to the ruler of the Sovereignity, the Elders are the veterans in the "pack". Also armoured in the Mark 6, they have the same gear as the Raiders.


Two shades armed with (left) a hotshot lasgun with a scope and one of their (right) knifes.


Infiltrators and snipers. The Draugrs are experts on not being seen and taking the precise shot you need. Armed with Banahogg Sniper Rifles, overcharged and with tougher barrels than the standard Mjolnir. They carry two bayonets aswell as a Carbine as a secondary weapon.


The voice.

The Gardr

The Gardr are effectively the battlefield commanders for the Asgaardians. Encased in Mark 6 Armour, they lead by example, armed with the same gear as the Elders and Raiders.


  • All of these can be found under the bodygroups of the single (?) character model that comes with the download. I don't know the exact number combos for the Bodygroup STool, as I use SFM (which has a retarded bodygroup system.
  • Also, I know this is borderline rule breaking, but it's the best I got at this time. If I get complaints, I'll remove this stuff right away.
  • There is at the moment a hinder (albeit easy to overcome with the use of the goggles) to me, atleast in SFM: the eyes look derpy 99% of the time and they look the opposite way to where I want them to look.
  • Here is a download link, comes with a assortment of weapons and Bloo's Valkyire (because I'm too lazy to take it out): Redownload this shit, bro!

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