Early Life

Arthur H. Lee was born to second generation american parents, with his father being Chinese,Japanese and his mother Burmese, Vietnamese. His father was a Aerospace Engineer for Boeing, his mother was a seamstress. Arthur wasn't born in a hospital, he was born on United Airlines flight 460, when his parents were coming back from a family reunion.

Arthur was the Oldest of 5 siblings, Attending [REDACTED] high school, at 18, he joined the USAF eventually becoming a F-15 Fighter pilot. Just in time for the gulf war.

Post-Gulf war & founding of GHI

Arthur left the Air force and partnered with 5 of his friends to from a small company geared towards restoration of vintage vehicles, as well as maintenance for military museums. The Business faltered and they pooled what little money they made to form Gecko Industries. The company had better success, with their primary goal being the manufacturing of "knockoff" vehicles, geared towards Private military corporations, eventually they began partnering with larger companies, thanks to a lot of arm twisting by Arthur.

Arthur during this time accidentally had a child with his girlfriend at the time, they would later put the child up for adoption and the relationship broke off. This moment in his life would haunt him for years to come.

Personal Life

(Heavy WIP)

Arthur lived in Bellevue Washington where his company is located. He is a Single father with his First wife passing away from cancer.

He had also re-adopted his first child, Catherine after he formed his company when she a child, his relationship with her has been mostly rocky but he did all that he could to make amends. Arthur also has 3 other children from his late marriage.


Arthur was a avid aviator, as such had spent a considerable amount in collecting warbirds and forming his own air museum. Arthur was also a Certified pilot with over 5,000 hours logged before his death. His love for aviation would also rub off on Catherine as she joined Wyvern Aerospace originally to become a fighter pilot.


During a kidnapping, Arthur had been executed and left on the side of a national park trail. Cause of death was a round through his temple. He leaves behind 4 children, and a large estate and collection of aircraft.

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