The Anointed Warriors of Allah, or the AWA, is an Islamic Extremist group that primarily operates in the Middle East near Syria and Iraq. Based on Sunni belief, the Insurgency focuses on spreading their twisted practice of Islam to rest of the Middle East, where they will try to form and organize their own Islamic State.


It's currently unknown when AWA was first established, however their history can be traced back to 2006. Further speculation suggests that AWA was a small disorganized Mujahideen movement formed around Iraq, and Afghanistan. Where they fought the USMC along with small PMCs in the region. However their rise to fame wouldn't come until early 2015 when AWA revealed itself as a standalone faction, with it's own religious ideology.

It is believed that numerous members from al-Qaeda would ultimately separate from the group in order to establish what is now known as 'The Anointed Warriors of Allah'. This was likely due to either disagreements or religious differences within the ranks. Regardless, the AWA remains as a large and strong Insurgency group in the Middle-East, and will stop at nothing to take over the entire region once and for all.

The Syrian Crisis (2015-20??)

- 2015

On April 6th, 2015, an insurgency group known as the 'Anointed Warriors of Allah' revealed themselves to the world. The insurgency established their own Caliphate in Syria, and declared that all followers of Islam rise up and join their army. And also threatened other religions in the Middle-East, claiming that they would be slaughtered and identified as non-believers.

20160517232518 1

The Washington D.C. Massacre

But despite AWA's claims, the radical Islamic group wouldn't receive worldwide attention until American sleeper agents working for the extremist group commenced one of the most gruesome atrocities in the United States; in recent times. Labelled as the "Washington D.C. Massacre', over 100 civilian casualties were listed after a Subway was bombed twice, this included 200 more civilians being wounded. On two different areas in the subway, a large crowd of bystanders were blown up by a Suicide-bomber, whilst a train carrying 40 passengers blew up from another bomber. After the two explosions had gone off, 4 individuals wielding assault-rifles walked down into the Subway and blocked off the exits; shooting down dozens of civilians who were trying to escape from the carnage. The Sleeper agents would escape after the bloodbath ensued...

Ultimately, this led to PMCs all-around the world reacting almost immediately by accusing AWA for the terrorist-attack, and as a result had sent their armed forces into Syria to bring the fight to the extremist group. Factions including Blackforce Corporation, Penumbra Corp., Trinity Corporation would declare War on the Anointed Warriors of Allah. However, after a few months of fighting the Extremists, both factions Penumbra and Trinity would pull out of Syria. Leaving Blackforce to be one of the original PMCs to remain in Syria, alongside Elios Corporation and ODQ.

- 2016

20160418213151 1

WLA soldiers suffering from the effects of Nerve-Gas.

On April 23, 2016, a year later into the Syrian Conflict, 2 moderately new factions including both the WLA and Kraaivuur Intl. were hit hard by Nerve-Gas bombings. Officially indicating that the AWA possesses a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Because of this, the AWA believes that they have an advantage against the opposing forces within Syria.

20160519231709 1

Dirty Bombs exploding in the city of Inkhil.

On May 20, 2016 4 Dirty Bombs were detonated by AWA, in the city of Inkhil. The entire city was blown to pieces, along with insurgents and WLA soldiers; claiming more than 5,000 lives altogether. As a result, this has indicated that AWA possessed Nuclear Weapons. Because of this, AWA has become a much more prominent threat in the Syrian Conflict.

20160530211153 1

The street Massacre of Corrientes, Platine Commonwealth.

On June 4, 2016, 14 sleeper agents were smuggled into The Platine Commonwealth and initiated a violent and bloody terrorist attack in their country.

Claiming an estimate of 300 civilians and armed forces in the Platine Capitol, Corrientes, the attackers first blew up a subway and then headed straight for the streets where they massacred more than 200 people. Various buildings, shops, and cars had also been bombed claiming more lives in the attack; resulting in Platine armed forces to respond. However, several responding officers would too join the large list of casualties. In the end, more than 300 lives were claimed in total, and 13 out of 14 of the agents were killed.

20160711050522 1

A group of Insurgents continue to resist the opposing forces in Ash Shaddadi - July, 19

- Summer 2016

AWA insurgents fight off a combined force of PMCs in Ash Shaddadi, Syria. Supporting them in defending the city, the Smokkelaars Alliansie helped fortify and fend off as many of the attackers as possible. Many insurgents and smugglers had died off, leaving a small amount of AWA activity in Ash Shaddadi. Currently, small pockets of insurgents continue to fight back until reinforcements finally arrive...

- More to come...

The Caliphate System

The Sultan/Abdullah Himself



TBD again


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AWA's most skilled and experienced fighters are enlisted into this rank, with the sole purpose of defending a person of interest, or specific area. These extremists can be comparable to that of a Special Forces unit in an official military branch. They devote themselves to the practice of Islam, whilst performing difficult and often extremely dangerous operations. They remain covert, and obscured by their coats and robes which symbolizes their rank in the Caliphate. Guardians will not hesitate to follow an order issued by those ranking above them. Even if it means sacrificing their own lives to protect said person/place/or thing.

Guardians are considerably stealthy and use it to their advantage. Unsuspecting enemies can quickly dispatched by a Guardian.

They can be identified by their varied rugged robes, scarves, and sunglasses.


20160515201645 1

Their name says it all, Experts are essentially more better and more skillful fighters than the typical Jihadist. They're better equipped, properly trained, and are typically more calculating in a firefight than their counterpart. Experts are used as an efficient Support unit, and have a larger scale of equipment to use in combat. From powerful explosives like grenades, RPGs and IEDs, to a variety of guns such as sniper rifles and assault rifles; these militants not only are capable accessing a multitude of weapons but can also take advantage of their environment. Such as staying behind cover when necessary, lurking from Rooftops, and generally remaining competent in combat.

When a Jihadist has received enough combat experience, claimed a certain number of kills, or has lasted more than two months in the Caliphate; they will be enlisted as Experts. This rank requires a large amount of training, mainly physically, which creates a bulk of hardened fighters who can change the course of a firefight. Experts are represented as a Support Class, and as Cell Leaders in combat.They will be willing to lead and train regular insurgents, and expect them to become just as battle-hardened much like themselves in the future.

Experts can be identified by their varied camouflage jackets and pants, vests, helmets and other equipment.


20160512231937 1

Jihadists are your typical low-life insurgents. They're willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah, and for their great Sultan/Leader ~ 'Abdullah'. With that said, Jihadists are considerably the most expendable soldiers in the entire Caliphate. These insurgents are also the newest initiates enlisted into the Militia and therefor are ill-equipped, unskilled, and are generally unprepared. But despite these downsides, their loyalty to the AWA's cause makes them also one of the most determined soldiers as well. And because they make up a large majority of the Caliphate, Jihadists commonly see action.

Jihadists are often reckless, blood thirsty, and in some cases can be considerably deadly in large quantities. This was evident during a large ambush led by militants who charged into the direct line of fire from Blackforce soldiers, leaving only one soldier alive after the ambush.

Because of how successful this tactic was, it has become an official method of attack and has adopted the name 'Jihad Charge' or 'Suicide Rush' as a majority of the participants die.

Jihadists can be identified by their generic civilian clothes, implying that they were once Syrian and Iraqi civilians prior to joining the militia.

Faction Relations

Blackforce Corporation.

Status: Sworn Enemies--.

Both Blackforce and AWA have fought countless times during the initial uprising in Syria. AWA views Blackforce as a force that threatens not only their way of life, but also their attempt at forming an Islamic State within the Middle-East. It's highly unlikely that the two factions would call a truce, or end up supporting each other due to their conflicted views.

Children of God.

Status: Despised-.

While CoG possesses an Islamic ideology, their beliefs reflect on Shia belief, whereas the AWA reflects on Sunni belief. AWA will not stand for Shia Islam, and seeks to destroy those who worship/practice that belief. Contact was made during another terrorist attack in Seattle, leading to CoG members being shot and wounded by a Cell agent. Despite this, AWA and CoG have yet to encounter each other in actual combat.

The People's Republic of Tbonia.

Status: Hostile.

AWA dislikes Communists. Plain and simple. However, due to Tbonia's military and equipment size, AWA remains concerned on whether or not Tbonia will declare war on their Islamic State. So far, neither faction has yet to fight one another.

Elios Corporation.

Status: Hostile.

PMCs such as Elios are despised by AWA. This has led to both groups opening fire on one another, whilst receiving a notable amount of casualties throughout the Conflict in Syria.

The Smokkelaar Alliansie.

Status: Allies+.

Due to their business practice, weaponry, and overall support, AWA and the Smokkelaars appear to be supporting each other through trade, and protection. The two factions have little qualms with each other; but AWA anticipates on continuing the trade with their new found Allies.

Kraaivuur International.

Status: Hostile--.

AWA seeks to remove the threat of Foreign PMCs out of Syria, this includes Kraaivuur Intl., as they hinder the Insurgency's attempt on establishing an Islamic State. This has led to both the WLA and Kraaivuur receiving a striking blow from Nerve-Gas, making them the first two factions to be attacked with Chemical Warfare by AWA.

World Liberation Army.

Status: Hostile---.

The WLA is a lingering threat to AWA, and must be stopped when the moment is right.

AWA seeks to remove the threat of Foreign PMCs out of Syria, this includes the WLA, as they hinder the Insurgency's attempt on establishing an Islamic State. This has led to both the WLA and Kraaivuur receiving a striking blow from Nerve-Gas, making them the first two factions to be attacked with Chemical Warfare by AWA.

Despite the Nerve-Gas attack, the WLA somehow remained resilient even after the massive blow they took, and continue to fight AWA today.



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