Alina Zakharova(Russian:Алина Захарова) is the top Pilot of Tiger Company and is the Commander of it's Aviation Department.

Early Life

Zakharova's life before joining Tiger is unknown beyond a lifetime love of Aviation. She got her pilot's licence at a young age, and around the age of 19 she underwent training to fly jets, and showed potential. It's unknown what brought her to Tigran Komarov's attention around the time of the founding of Tiger Company.

Tiger Company

She joined the faction early on in it's life. Komarov, as he did with most the females in the force, wasn't too sure about her, until she showed her skills behind the controls of an old jet. Komarov never saw anything like that even in his Military career and knew she would be special. The two then worked to design her a customized Flightsuit for her. Charlie Brooks was also impressed when he saw her skill behind a variety of air vehicles, and she is the only pilot he will allow to fly him around if she is available.

As Commander

Zakharova now commands Tiger Aviation. The title is very important to her, and a role she takes seriously. Her duties as Commander are to oversee the budget of the Department. In that field she works with Brooks. She also oversees training programs for the pilots, a simple enough role now that she had shared her insights to craft a world class training regimen for both Helicopter and Jet Pilots. Her final duty is working with Komarov to plan out Aerial roles in Operations. She also has self imposed roles, such as being at the head of all testing, and going into battle should she need be.

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