Born October 15th, 1973 in Kursk, USSR(Russia now), Aleksandra Sophia Dubova was the youngest daughter to a rather large family in the iron curtain. Her father was a coal miner most of his life and her mother was a press secretary for a Red Army officer, due to their work schedules she was mostly raised by her older siblings.

Through a brief modelling stint, she met and married a (now former)Red Army Officer in 1992 and they conceived two children in 1994. In 1995, Mikhail had become a prominent politician within Tchvonia and was the Communist Party Priemere for Tchvonia by 1997 when he ran and successfully took Presidential office, making Aleksandra the first lady of Tchvonia.

On the December 30th Revolution of 2013, the Veselov Regime was ousted out of power by Socialist Revolutionaries. Mikhail and most of his cabinet had been captured. However he had ordered the family bodyguard, Major Borya Ulyanov, to take Aleksandra and their two children to safety outside of the country. Aleksandra and her children spent years in hiding in parts unknown, protected by supporters of the Veselov Regime as well as Borya himself.

It wasn't until the Summer of 2016 that news reached them of Mikhail's death while incarcerated, which prompted Aleksandra to return to Tchvonia with her children and bodyguard. Upon stepping off the plane at Patriot's City International Airport, they were all arrested and headed for the same prison Mikhail had been held in. Either by a watchful eye or pure luck, the Tchvonian People's Communist Party showed up at the airport and provided diplomatic immunity papers from an unknown higher up in the Tchvonian government. Aleksandra and her family had been saved from prison but had to remain inside Tchvonian Communist Party headquarters or face arrest if they left.

While Aleksandra and her family are seen in windows occasionally, they have been heavily preparing for the upcoming Tchvonian Presidential Elections of 2016-2017, a recent survey had shown that the Tchvonian population was more likely to elect the Veselov Regime back into power over the current President of Tchvonia Hermann Kirov. Since that survey released, the Communist Party of Tchvonia has accused the Socialist Party of attempting to assassinate Aleksandra on a number of times before the election, Aleksandra's supporters have formed hacker gangs and groups to keep her protected from harm both digitally and physically, sometimes seen gathered out in force outside the Communist Party Headquarters in defiance against police.

Only time and politics will tell if she will once again hold the throne.

December 15th 2016 - Zero Hour Tchvonian Elections

At 11:08PM December 15th 2016, the votes were tallied and the Tchvonian people had made their decision.

The Tchvonian people have chosen former First Lady Aleksandra Sophia Veselov as their new President

By a near landside, President-elect Veselov won by 96% to President Hermann Kirov's 4%. This comes as no surprise to senior political analysts in Tchvonia as Kirov's popularity had dipped since Tchvonian involvement in Syria and Panama this past year. Kirov's staff officially declared they would not contest the results, and begrudgingly congratulated Aleksandra and her 'Wolfpack' cabinet on their victory.

President-elect Veselov will be sworn in on January 7th, 2017

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