The ATP Mark I "Meat Puppet" is the cannon fodder of the Accelerated Training Program and the first zombified infantry to be deployed in the world. It was first deployed during the 1990 Persian Gulf War as special operation units and was later used as basic infantry in the 2003 War in Iraq. It was replaced by the Peacekeeper and Stalker in infantry and special operation roles respectively but still used as suppport units.


In October 3, 1939, World War II, a secret ATP training facility, where Polish infantry was being trained during the invasion of Poland, was captured by the German army. The Nazis re-established the facility as the Auschwitz concentration camp in May 20 1940. During the time the camp was operational, several experiments were secretly carried out to observe the effects of radiation on the human body. The experiments continued until the camp's liberation by the Soviet Red Army. ATP forces integrated with the Red Army collected the research and sent them to the ATP Research & Development Branch located in Britain.

World War 2

ATP researchers examined the reports sent from Poland, they decided to continue the experiments but only on the dead rather than on live humans. They discovered that if a certain type of radioactive material made contact with the corpses, it would bring them back to life. R&D requested that ATP forces in the Eastern Front should find and recover more information on the experiments. In May 5, 1945 ATP forces in the Red Army discovered a mental asylum which was used to carry out similar experiments found on Auschwitz. All information regarding the experiments were sent to Britain. From there the scientists concluded that ununpentium (115) was an element essential to reviving the dead.

Korean War

As the Korean War rages on in August 25, 1952, the ATP Research and Development Branch were carrying out experiments to improve the intelligence of the "zombies" as they were almost uncontrollable. One method was to make them learn from observation by strapping a zombie down onto a chair and and forcing it to watch movies on human interaction. Results were unsatisfactory and required cleaning the test chamber regularly of decomposing corpses. A breakthrough came in the form of the integrated circuit. The researchers decided to try implanting the IC into the brains of the zombies and send electrical signals through them. The result is a success, the zombies are responding to the signals in the form of movements. Development of a zombie soldier was underway forming the basis of what is now the "Meat Puppet" Project.

Gulf War

In almost 40 years since the start of the Meat Puppet Project, with the invention of the computer chip, the first Meat Puppet was created in August 3, 1990. It wore a helmet housing the computer chips and circuitry necessary for function connected to it's brain. It was capable of doing basic human tasks and could operate firearms. It was first sent to Kuwait during the Gulf War for field testing. Initial results were good and the Meat Puppet was cleared for active duty. It's first use was as basic reconnaissance units using camera attached to the helmets. Eventually the R&D Branch started receiving reports of Meat Puppets not following orders on the field, occasionally reverting back to its original savage nature and attacking friendly troops before the chips regain control, and running out of ammunition for their firearms due to lack of efficiency. The development for a solution began immediately.

2003 War in Iraq

In 2002, with most of the problems found in the Meat Puppet fixed, only one flaw was left, the inability to act independently. Since 1997, research was at full speed to find a solution to this critical problem. Then in 2003, artificial intelligence began to appear in the media. The researchers immediately began adapting their Meat Puppets to use AI as a means of thinking without an officer giving commands on the field. Finally in November 23, 2003, the first successful AI-controlled meat puppet made it's first steps out into a test chamber, before walking out into the chamber a sign was shown to it containing several orders. The subject successfully executed all the orders without vocal command and soon the AI became standard to all Meat Puppet units. Its first use was as infantry in the War in Iraq assisting the Coalition in quelling insurgency.


In 2003, with improvements in technology, ATP installed new AIs into their Meat Puppet units that enhanced their intelligence and combat effectiveness. The AIs were housed into the helmets and were susceptible to damage which was a major flaw in every unit. One outcome of the memory chip being damaged is losing it's control over the host, causing it to revert to an animalistic state. The result is a Berserker, a savage zombie having lost it's only means of retaining its intelligence. Berserkers are the shock troops of ATP, usually deployed to instill fear into the enemy before the main fighting force comes along to put down the enemy and the berserkers themselves.

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