The ATP 2nd Infantry Regiment also known as the "Old Corps" was one of the first human units that served ATP. Dating back to World War II, it is also one of the oldest units to be in active duty.


The 2nd Regiment formed during World War II as the ATP 2nd Volunteer Regiment, a volunteer force who fought against the Axis in Europe. Originally they were similar to the Allied forces they fought side-by-side with in terms of tactics and weaponry. Somewhere in 1942, they began to mimic they Germans and effectively used their tactics against them, notably the blitzkrieg, soon it became a standard doctrine.

World War II

During the start World War II, the founders of ATP wanted the organization to take a more active role in the war beyond training the troops of world countries. On June 2, 1942, the 1st Volunteer Regiment was formed, consisting only of 2,500 enlisted volunteers. Fighting in the Pacific, the regiment has spearheaded the attacks on Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima with the USMC, suffering considerable losses. Then on July 4, 1942, American Independence Day, the 2nd Volunteer Regiment was formed in Europe, consisting of 7,500 personnel with the addition of enlisted soldiers from different nations, and were sent to North Africa to fight the Afrika Korps.

Korean War

After World War II, the regiment was renamed as the ATP 2nd Infantry Regiment after the formation of the ATP Military Branch. They was sent to South Korea after the North Korean invasion on June 25, 1950. The 2nd Regiment participated in the Battle of Inchon. The regiment was using captured German equipment at the time, this took both the KPA and UN by surprised as they began to encounter "Germans" on the field. Fortunately, all reports were intercepted and never reached the headquarters of both factions.

Vietnam War

The 2nd Regiment took part in fighting against the communist forces in Vietnam. Somewhere around January 23, 1968, two days after the Tet Offensive was initiated, the 2nd Regiment was ordered to withdraw from Khe Sanh in order to defend Saigon. The commanding officers defied the order and the regiment moved into North Vietnamese territory towards Hanoi. ATP Command labeled the regiment as rogue and called for the elimination of any ATP forces around Hanoi. The 2nd wasn't heard from again and removed from records.

ATP Civil War

As the ATP Separatists continue to gain control of the organization, ATP Loyalists were suffering major losses. Commander-in-Chief ATP was becoming desperate and began use up his reserve forces that were still loyal. During a meeting between Secretary of Defense Infab and ATP, the 2nd came out of hiding to fight for the Loyalists in-exchange for reinstatement into the organization. The regiment was renamed as the 2nd Shocktrooper Regiment, continuing to use the old German blitzkrieg tactics that have been refined by the regiment itself over the years. Sometime before the war, all the infantry have undergone the zombification process through an unknown source, becoming comparable in integrity to the Peacekeeper.

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