ATP is current commander-in-chief of the ATP Military Branch and leader of the ATP Loyalists. He is one of the first successful zombies to be developed by ATP and the first person to receive the title of "Node". Along with being the commander of the organization's armed forces, ATP is also one of the most influential individuals in the organization's history.

Early Years

ATP was born in Bien Hoa, Vietnam in December 16, 1901, records of birth name were gone. His father was a French soldier and his mother was a Vietnamese maidservant. In August 2, 1917, ATP immigrated to the United States with his mother as an adolescent, his father was sent back to Europe to fight in World War I where he subsequently died.

Life in America

ATP and his mother moved to Sacramento, California where they lived as a middle-class family using money given by ATP's father prior to returning to France. ATP went to Sacramento High School as his mother worked at a Chinese restaurant as a waitress. In 1921, he attended the University of Southern California where he received his bachelor's degree. After university, ATP worked as a chef for a short time before finally settling on working as a doctor.

World War II

In 1943, ATP, at the age of 42, enlisted into the Army and fought in Europe against the Nazis. On May 25, 1944, he was captured by German forces and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp where he was subjected to experiments carried out by captured ATP scientists. On July 6, ATP succumbed to the wounds from the experiments conducted on him and was thrown into a mass grave with deceased Jewish prisoners. It was then on July 8 that ATP was reanimated underneath 7 feet of soil and decomposing human remains. However, unlike normal zombies, he retained his intelligence and reasoning at the cost of losing most of his memories. He then proceeded to claw his way out of the grave and headed West to where he was picked up by British forces. ATP was then sent to London for study where he became the foundation for the ATP Zombified Infantry Project. He then received his current name after the organization that took him in.

Korean War

By 1950, ATP had became a member of the Program's Military Branch, wearing bandages to cover his disfigured face. His first battle as part of the organization was the Battle of Inchon. Due to his past knowledge as a soldier in WW2, ATP was already familiar with weaponry and squad tactics. Due to his efforts, ATP was the first non-commissioned officer in the organization, becoming the first "Node". He continued to fight in the war until the Korean Armistice Agreement.

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